Cooling Falooda

Originally a persian drink,very popular in India and Pakistan. The uncommon Ingredients used can be easily found at your local Asian Grocery store. It's a cooling drink especially after long day of fasting in Ramadan.
Uncommon Ingredients #1
1 tablespoon of Takmaria\Sabja\Basil seeds Soaked in water. Soaked in water for 30 minutes. These seeds are good for digestion and have medicinal value.

Uncommon Ingredient #2
3 tablespoon Rose syrup ,Roohafza or any other brand.

Uncommon Ingredient #3
bunch of Falooda Sev .Drop in hot boiling water and simmer until softened 5-10 minutes.

Remaining Ingredients
2 cups Cold milk(reduced fat)
1 scoop reduced fat Ice-cream vanilla or pistachios or butter pecan
Chopped nuts for garnish.

Add the syrup to the milk and stir until dissolved. Pour it in a tall glass,drop the cooked and drained noodles and swelled up basil seeds. Top with ice-cream ,nuts and serve .

This recipe is my entry for Sangeeth's Eat Healthy :Calcium Rich Event


Anjum said…
nice recipe for iftar dawat..
Yasmeen said…
Sure is Anjum, when we have community Iftars here.. the Rozedars absolutely devour this cooling drink..its gone in seconds.