Are you getting daily dose of Calcium ? :Dairy ,Vegetables,Lentils and Seafood recipes

Calcium is needed not just for strong bones but also for heart,blood,nerves and muscles to function efficiently. Deficiency in calcium can result in disorders like Osteoporosis(the silent disease) and Hypoglycemia.

Calcium rich recipes sent to Sangeeth's Eat healthy:Calcium Rich Event.

Beet Cheese Treats
Dahi Vade(Lentil balls in Yogurt)
Badam Harira(Almond Drink)
Panjeri(Fruity Nutty Mix)
Broccoli Kheema(Minced meat)
Okra Fritters(Pakodas)
Shrimp Biryani
fish Biryani
Urad Laddu(Sweet Lentil Balls)
Plum Clafoutis

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