Ramadan and Diet

Fasting has Physical ,Physiological and social benefits. While fasting metabolic rate of a fasting person slows down. Body and dietary fat is efficiently utilized.Restraining oneself from food,water and undesirable behavior makes a person more mentally disciplined. Community Iftars and prayers brings communities together.

(Following Diet plan for Ramadan was part of the Ramadan diet presentation given by my friend ,who is a Qualified Nutritionist)

The intake of balanced diet is vital for maintaining good health ,sustain an active lifestyle and attain full benefits of fasting.

Fasting Etiquette
Some common eating habits to avoid while fasting include:
* Consume excess food at Iftar(Fast break after sunset)
* Eating too much sugar at Suhoor(pre-dawn meal)
* Eating Spicy and Gassy foods at Suhoor
* Imbalance diet
* Insufficient water
* Drinking too much caffeinated drinks

Diet Plan

According to Sunnah[Tradition of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh)], a dietary plan that is beneficial include :
>> Bread/Cereal/rice/grains ~ 6-11 servings
>> Meat/Beans/Nuts ~ 2-3 Servings
>> Vegetable Groups ~ 3-5 servings
>> Fruits ~ 2-4 Servings
>> Sugar Sparingly
>> Mono Saturated Oils(like Olive oil) 4-7 tablespoons

This meal at predawn should be light. Good examples are :
-> Whole Wheat Bread ,high in fiber and B Vitamins
-> Oat Cereal
-> Milk
-> Fruits
-> 2-3 teaspoon Olive oil
-> Water

Complex carbohydrates (like whole grains) last longer thus making you less hungry.

Body needs immediate energy at this time ,the brain prefers glucose for its energy. Good examples are :
->Dates ,Bananas are good source of sugar,potassium ,magnesium and fiber
->Fruits juices and soup as they help maintain water and mineral balances in the body.

For dinner consume foods from all food groups. Do not over emphasize one group over the other. Eat fruits as the last item of the dinner to facilitate digestion. Eat a variety of vegetables as they contain dietary fiber and phytochemicals.

Snacking after Taraweeh(night prayers)
Nuts and fruits are excellent snacks that contain fiber carbohydrate and protein
Snacks that are high in fat and sugar should be avoided just before bed .

Common Complaints while fasting and Remedies of the Complaints

Avoid refined foods, increase water intake use bran and whole wheat flour

Cut down on caffeine and tobacco slowly and try to get adequate sleep

Avoid overeating especially fried foods

Keep cool, increase fluid and decrease salt intake

Decrease spicy foods, coffee and colas

*Low blood sugar

Don't miss eating Suhoor(Pre-dawn meal) and limit high sugar foods

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Taking lot of fluids during the Iftar is key for keeping your body hydrated. Drink any soup or refreshing fruit juices(without any added sugar) and eat fresh fruits.

Here are some hydrating Snacks for Iftar, which I frequently prepare during Ramadan.


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Yasmeen, thanks for sharing all these helpful tips with us all.
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Wow nice tips for Ramadan and lovely recipestoo.Reallyinformative...wishing you happy Ramadan
As Salaam Alikum, what a nice n informative post.
I'm already struggling as to what to make for Iftar everyday :) its just hubby n me, n hes quite picky abt his food, so the choices get cut down.
But yeah we try n keep it as healthy as possible. Hope your fasting is going well. Pray that Allah answers all your prayers :)
Jazak Allah Khair :)
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These healthy snacks look so yummy :)
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