Rose Berry Soy Smoothie : Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

Most of us know a loved one who had suffered from breast cancer. Just past week my aunt's friend was diagnosed with this horrible condition, I know 2 of my courageous friends who are breast cancer survivors. Listening to there stories makes us tremble yet they did not need sympathies ,but our awareness about this crippling condition and importance of its early detection to survive.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) ,an annual international health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities every October to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention and cure.
Many blogs\sites are going pink this month for the cause.Check out my side bar for the Breast cancer awareness events in the blog sphere
Sameera raised her awareness through a heartwarming short story here.

Learn more about Breast cancer and donate for the cure

For my pink smoothie the Ingredients are
1 cup Soy milk
1 cup fat-free plain yogurt
1/2 frozen or fresh strawberries or raspberries,chopped
1/4 cup frozen or fresh blue berries
2 tablespoon Rose syrup(Roohafza or any other brand)
Dried nut and fruits for garnish.

Blend the fruit with the milk and yogurt until smooth .Stir in a tablespoon of rose syrup. Pour in the serving cups, swirl remaining rose syrup on top of smoothie and garnish with chopped dried fruits and nuts. Serve chilled.

This simple quick healthy smoothie is off to Jen's Power of Pink Challenge.


Mona said…
Looks yummy Yasmeen, beautiful colour. Inshallah I will try it. Thanks for sharing.
meeso said…
This is a great post, and awesome looking smoothie!
Anonymous said…
yasmeen,i missed your blog.Its lovely and wow !!
I myself is a health savvy..
even i have a 3 yr old who is all healthy by Gods grace.
Hope yours is all fine now.
I am adding you to my Blog
Sireesha said…
Smoothie looks awesome and fabulous...
Recipe for a cause is something very nice. I appreciate it a lot dear. Nice recipe.
Adam said…
Awesome healthy smoothie Yasmeen. I think it's perfect for raising awareness, and offers a fun 'time out' when the day gets busy :)
raaji said…
The cookies and this drink makes a wonderful bfast yasmeen........m fav attractive presentation.......
Nazarina A said…
Healthy girl,

A very clever way of using my favorite "pink stuff" and your drink sounds and looks quenching!!!!Thank you for sharing this recipe!
However, I worriedly ponder about this disease!
The color and the topping oops I feel I have that cup right in front of me...
Bharti said…
Such pretty colors...never added rose syrup to a smoothie- almost like a milk rose meets smoothie. Delicious flavors.
JW said…
Thanks for participating in my event. I love smoothies and I'll definitely have to try this one!
beantown baker said…
This looks great. So colorful. Thanks for participating in my event!
TBC said…
What a pretty presentation!