Double Ka Meetha ...doubly delish!

Double Ka Meeta aka Shahi tukre
Doubly delish Double Ka Meeta made with the Double Roti(Thick slices of white bread) resonates the the richness of Hyderabadi desserts. Its required to use the white thick bread slices and deep fry them in brown butter(ghee) for the best tasting richy rich double ka meeta. I broke the rules again,used the whole wheat bread and shallow fried the slices in least amount of ghee.Incredibly it was just as tasty other than the slightly woody taste of the whole wheat bread;)

White Whole wheat Bread Slices 8,edges trimmed and cut diagonally,air dry for a day or toast in 200F oven until dry.
4 tablespoon pure ghee to shallow fry
1/2 cup toasted Nuts (Cashews, Pistachios, Walnuts, Almonds) chopped
1/4 cup raisins or dried cherries
2 cups Whole Organic milk
2 Cardamoms
Pinch of Saffron
3/4 cup brown sugar or white sugar for making sugar syrup with 1 cup of water

Heat butter in a non stick pan and Shallow fry the dried\toasted bread slices until lightly brown on both sides.Set aside
Toast the nuts and dried fruit in any remaining butter in the same pan and set aside.
Bring the milk to a boil,add the saffron and cardamom.Simmer on low heat until its thick creamy and reduced to 3/4 cup.
Meanwhile prepare the sugar syrup with sugar and water.Soak the fried slices in the syrup for a minute.Transfer in a serving platter,pour the reduced creamy milk mixture.Garnish with nuts and fruits ,serve warm.

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EFM:Sweets Event
I'm sending the double ka meetha and these other sweets to srilekha's Sweet Event.
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anudivya said…
This looks way too yummy! Bet it would taste just as good with thinned milk halwa too...
Raks said…
I love this sweet very much,but hardly I make...Looks so tempting Yasmeen!
Finla said…
It looks really yummy. I have heard so much about this sweet, but never tried them.
Maria Verivaki said…
i love different versions of essentially the same things, and this looks like a delicious bread and butter pudding!
that is so rich. looks yummy
Anonymous said…
Yasmeen,I make a different version here for my daughter..this one is new to me..looks yummy and inviting..
Sharmi said…
never knew Double ka meetha and shahi tukre are the same :) but I think double ke meeta is more sweeter and shahi tukre uses custard isn't it? what ever it is your recipe looks nice!!
Yasmeen said…
You are right sharmi,shahi tukre are triply rich with custard:)
CurryLeaf said…
Yummy and delish.I have seen Lubnas,this looks as tempting without deepfrying.Try wholegrain bread instead of whole wheat.The taste will be same as using normal bread.
Happy to know that with this you had a happy Eid
Malar Gandhi said…
Love Shahi tukre(Double Ka Meetha) & Qurbani ka Meetha so much. Love almost all Hyderabadi cuisine...

I did make them years b'4....don't know whether I updated with picture! Anyways...thanks for reminding me this awesome sweet. Going to make it this weekend!
Cham said…
Looks very classy and inviting ur sweet!
Sanghi said…
Yummy one. Want to have a bite.
Sara said…
This looks really interesting and delicious!
Andhra Flavors said…
wow perfect double ka meetha.
YOu made perfect double ka meetha.
This one is new to me love this . will make it soon. Thank u dear for honoring me by posting the award.
Priya Suresh said…
Fabulous DKM Yasmeen...i love this..thanks for posting other's versions of DKM..
Shama Nagarajan said…
drooling pic...delicious
notyet100 said…
omg so many versions,...looks so yummy,..lovey click,...
lubnakarim06 said…
Is that brown bread or normal bread. Very well roasted. Looks yummy.
Yasmeen said…
lubna,that's whole wheat bread and I used brown sugar to make the syrup,hence the dark color.
Anonymous said…
All new dessert to me,looks decadent.
Uj said…
Looks yummy..I have seen this around a lot of times.. Looks like is time to try this out :D
Anonymous said…
Doubly sweet ,looks rich.
Sunshinemom said…
Me too prefers it this way, and thin kheer type milk!
Neha said…
I was already so tempret to make this one, n searching for a perfect recipe, n now i have one.., (n lot more others too.. :) ), bookmarked it..
Nice blog..