Omelet with Broccoli and Mushrooms,Sample Pregnancy Meal Plan

The calcium rich omelet with hearty serving of vegetable was my regular in breakfast during pregnancy.The recipe is off to Sangeeth's Eat Healthy during pregnancy mommy event, along with the sample pregnancy meal planner will some of my suitable nutritious recipes for a healthy pregnancy.

Serves 1 mommy-to-be

1/2 a small onion,sliced
1/3 cup chopped mushrooms
1/3 cup finely chopped broccoli
2 large Organic Eggs
1 small clove garlic,chopped
1/4 teaspoon Salt
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
2 tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil(EVOO)

Heat a non-stick pan on medium flame.Drizzle a tablespoon of EVOO around the heated pan,add the sliced onions and chopped garlic ,saute for a minute,the add the mushrooms and broccoli.Season with salt and pepper and cook for 3-4 minutes until veggies are tender,transfer in a bowl.
Meanwhile whisk eggs with salt for few seconds until you see tiny bubbles.Season with salt and pepper.Drizzle a tablespoon of EVOO on the same pan. Pour in the egg mixture. Let the eggs set before flipping that takes about 2 minutes. Flip and let cook for another minute.Set on the serving plate,arrange the cooked veggies on the center and fold.Serve with a dash of hot and sweet sauce on the top.

Sample Pregnancy Meal Plan
I have prepared a sample pregnancy meal plan for 8 days following closely the
Pregnancy Food guide.Pregnant women need additional 300 calories per day to allow the mother's body to change and the baby to grow. The calorie needs may vary according to your pre-pregnancy weight and the amount of weight need to be gained.

Breakfast : Carrot juice\Apple juice\orange juice\cranberry juice,Pomegranate Bread,Boiled Egg,milk
Lunch:Fish vegetable cutlets,Broccoli rice Casserole ,Carrot Pudding
Dinner:Vegetable Sprouts Noodles, Low fat Cranberry Creme Brulee
Snacks:Guacamole with multi grain chips


BreakFast:Whole Fruit(Apple/pears/plum/peaches/banana),Fruit Challah with Cranberry Preserves,milk
Lunch:Mushroom Walnut Soup,Penne Pasta with Purple Cauliflower,low fat ice cream
Dinner:Baked Pomfret with Vegetable stir fried Brown Rice,Pumpkin lentil soup,Nuts and fresh fruit salad
Snacks:Pumpkin Chocolate Biscotti

BreakFast:Berry Banana Soy Smoothie
,milk,Almond Orange Muffins
Lunch:Chicken Soup,Fruit and Nut Saffron Brown rice Pilaf,Dal Makhani
Dinner:Sesame Dinner rolls with Chicken Shorba ,milk or ice cream
Snacks:Fruit Chaat,Energy Bites

BreakFast:Omelet with Broccoli and Mushrooms,Nutty fruity granola
Lunch:Garlic Herb Chicken,Green Mango Rice,salad,Falooda
Dinner:Salad Olviye,Mint Lentil Soup,Carrots and avocado pasta
Snacks:Energy Bites

BreakFast:Flax Blueberry Smoothie,Green Dosa or Vada with chutney
Lunch:Semolina Veggie Soup,Soy vegetable biryani,Beet Cheese Treats
Dinner:Banana Flower Vegetable Cutlets,Vegetable Crepes with Cabbage and Spring Onions,Avocado fruit cream
Snacks:Peanut Bites

BreakFast:Gobi Paratha,milk,Whole Fruit
Lunch:Green Mung Khichdi with Sesame Chutney,Bread Pudding(Double ka meetha)
Dinner:Sesame chicken with Sauteed Cabbage Salad and Red potato Oven fries,Spice Apple and Pomegranate Pie
Snacks:Sweet and savory phyllo shells

BreakFast:Fruit crepes,whole fruit,milk
Lunch:Mutli Seed Bread Sandwich,leafy green salad,fruit juice
Dinner:Kofta Pulao,Sprouts and Snap Peas Salad,milk
Snacks:Oat meal Fruit macaroons

BreakFast:Saffron Bread,Milk,Whole Fruit
Lunch:Broccoli Soup, Gingered eggplant and snap peas pasta, Milk
Dinner:Sesame Buns with vegetables , Green meat Kababs,Fruit juice
Snacks:Cherry Nut Crescents


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I do have veg and bean stuffed omelets once in a while, yasmeen. I use just the egg whites with a little cornflour to make it bind better. Thank you for sharing the pregnancy meal plan. Looks great!
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