Sprouting Beauty.Caution while Sprouting.Black Eyed Peas Sprouts Pasta

I'm ever so grateful to my mother for introducing us to the wonder food,Sprouts.These were our snack between the meals.Easily digestible,with certain precautions while growing them,the sprouts can be safe to eat uncooked.
Green mung sprouts was the most common sprout I knew of for long.Was amazed to discover the variety,which seems endless just as its nutritional benefits. Methi(Fenugreek),alfa-alfa,oats,lentils,broccoli are among the common types of sprouts.
A more pictorial tutorial of how to grow sprouts is depicted in my post here.Don't mind listing them again along with the care and caution needed while growing or buying the sprouts.
To grow your own sprouts is economical ,also you have control over the hygiene.
* Rinse the grain\seed\lentil under cold water 2-3 times,to get rid of dirt.
* Soak the seeds for at least 12hours in ample amount of cold water
* Drain all the water.Wrap the seeds in a clean cotton or muslin cloth,place in bowl.There are special sprouting jars also available. Allow to grow for at least 3 days and as long as 6 days.Make sure you rinse them twice each day to prevent contamination.
When Buying the sprouts, pick only fresh packs(preferably Organic) and rinse them thoroughly in cold water before eating.

Sprouts,Synonymous to Spring
Sprouts portray spring ,the budding leaf simulates the new life that grows around us after the dull and harsh winters.I grew these black eyed peas for 6 days,had to wait patiently before embracing the beauty and nutrition of this live vegetable in its tender germinating stage.

This picture is my entry for the Click-Spring\Autumn photo event,at Jai and Bee's Jugalbandi.

Black Eyed peas Sprouts Pasta
I must thank Sia for this fascinating Lauki-lobia curry ,with black eyed peas sprouts,which prompted me to sprout the peas for all its goodness.Since these were sprouted for nearly a week,were tender enough for eating raw.I always add the sprouts toward the end of the cooking.I would have cooked it slightly if giving to my kids,but since the kiddos don't have a taste yet for sprouts,this pasta with raw sprouts was just for me and my DH.

2 cups Whole grain pasta,cooked
1 cup sprouts(Green Mung,Methi,Alfalfa,Black Eyed peas or any other lentil)
1 cup greens(Mustard greens,beet greens,spinach,chard,kale or broccoli rabe)
1/2 a medium Onion,chopped
1 clove Garlic,finely chopped
pinch of turmeric
1/4 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper or cayenne pepper
1/2 teaspoon of coriander powder(optional)
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon Extra virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lime juice

Heat a pan on medium heat,saute onions in oil for a minute.Add garlic saute another minute then mix in the greens and spices.Cook for a minute before mixing in the cooked pasta.Finally add in the sprouts,turn off the heat.Sprinkle the lime juice ,stir well ,cover and allow the flavors to infuse for 2-3 minutes.Serve warm or cold.

The Sprouts pasta is my entry for Weekend wokking ,focusing on Sprouts this spring,hosted by Kits Chow

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Indhu said…
this is an awesome recipe :)
love pasta sprouts :)
Priya Suresh said…
Thats a healthy and nourishng pasta...very innovative Yasmeen!
Asha said…
Gorgeous photo of sprouted Beans in the first one, love it. Pasta is yummy, never made it with beans before. Looks delicious! :)
Soma said…
That is just one awesome click!! i have never sprouted it till it has those precious leaves!!
Vikis Kitchen said…
I also don't know this much variety of sprouts before blogging:) Nice click for spring. Very nutritious post. I am definitely trying it next week, after I get that sprouts grown.
Very informative.
Manju said…
great!! whole grain pasta and sprouts, how much more healthier can it get!
Lavanya said…
amazing recipe yasmeen..i never think of it..really good one ..looks very good n very healthy too!!
Poornima Nair said…
Wonderful recipe Yasmeen...pasta looks so yummm
Pooja said…
healthy pasta yasmeen..Nice idea..
Gita Jaishankar said…
Thats a delicious and healthy pasta Yasmeen! Packed with protein, love your idea :)
sathya said…
such a healthy treat yasmeen....
Sprouts look gorgeous.
Uma said…
looks so healthy and delicious Yasmeen!
Sharmistha Guha said…
OOzing with health and delicious too...I love sprouts, and all the other spices & ingredients you've used. Will surely make this!!
And the pic of the sprout is JUST AWESOME!!!
Ashwini said…
Love that sprout photo. Nice healthy pasta. Not tried adding sprouts to pasta..Looks delish.
Varsha Vipins said…
I guess Pasta cant get more healthy..Wow..lovedur click also..As a kid,I used to sulk while eating sprouts.Still I dont like it much,but can eat for the sake of the health benefits..With Pasta sure a hit combo..:)
Cham said…
Very pretty sprouting! Love the pasta and sprout.
How cool that your mom gave you sprouts as a snack? I didn't learn to like bean sprouts until I went back to Vietnam and they automatically added them to my bowl of pho. Now I love snacking on them too.
Siri said…
the pasta looks so healthy and appetizing!! :)

Nice clicks!!
sprouts in pasta, never thought of it...Good one!!
bee said…
thanks for the lovely recipe and click entry, dear yasmeen.
Anonymous said…
Thats a delightful combo Yasmeen...healthy and yummy
Random Muslima said…
Sprouts are just great I love them! My little ones do not consider them that great bu they eat "because they are healthy" ;)
Raks said…
Thats an excellent entry for the event! And sprouts pasta sounds yummy too!
Sharmila said…
Even I sprout only moong. Great idea Yasmeen ... am going to sprout these the next time. :-)
Purva Desai said…
This is one healthy pasta.....nice click of the sprouts and loved ur new header
Sharmistha Guha said…
There are some awards and a tag for you at my site http://cookadoodledo.blogspot.com/2009/04/award-tag.html
Vibaas said…
Click looks fantastic. Yummy recipe too :)
Sanghi said…
Yummy healthy..! Do check my blog for your award..!
Mangala Bhat said…
wow! i can see soo many healthy recipes here ..wow wonderful ..Thanks for the recipes
hey Thanks for the comments @ my blog keep visiting :)
Rumela said…
I love eating breakfast and always try new recipes. I would like to try this black eyed peas sprouts pasta for breakfast. that looks tasty. pasta is also a healthy food option and can make a satisfying meal. The Photos are amazing... I am already feeling hungry. thank you for shearing your post.
shoshana said…
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