Cancer fighting Foods.Introducing Edamame(Baby Soybeans),the Star Legume. Edamame Avocado(Edamole`) Dip\Spread

The word "cancer" horrifies us,having known someone who fought the deadly disease gives the terrible picture of how life changes with the shocking diagnosis and the following painful treatments.On brighter side most cancers can be preventable , watchful diet and active lifestyle can considerably lower the risk of developing the cancers.Its our responsibility to take good care and nurture the gifted good health.Since cancer can be diagnosed at any age,it always better to be safe than sorry,eat and live healthy.

Cancer in simple terms is defined as "uncontrolled growth of defective cells in the body,that damage the healthy tissue".Read the in depth Cell biology of cancer.A healthy immune system is the best defense against such cancerous growth.Junk diet,pollutants in the foods like pesticides and artificial or genetically modified foods like Trans fat ,unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking alcohol,do no good for bodies defenses. Simple changes in diet has proven to boost the bodies immunity and provides the nutrients which clear-up the toxins in the bodies.3 simple rules to be mindful while making food choices:
*Eating fresh fruits and vegetables ,rich in antioxidants that fight against cancer causing free radicals(the bad guys).Remember excess cooking can kill some of the essential vitamins.Spice up and flavor up your veggies and cook until just necessary and deep frying leaves them nullified of vitamins.
* High fiber foods help in flushing out the toxins.
* Reduce the consumption of Saturated fats like butter , high fat cheese and also high fat red meats.Use healthier fats like Extra virgin olive oil and vegetable oil in moderate quantities.Choose lean meat like lean beef,turkey and chicken.

I've referred here,here,here and here to learn about top cancer combating foods.Its relieving to know most of the foods are part of my list of nature's best list.I've summed the check list of top cancer fighting foods ,do tally them and try to incorporate the missing foods in your diet.Here are delicious recipes I posted with these wonder foods.

1.Soy beans(Edamame) and soy products like Tofu.
2.Cabbage and Cruciferous green vegetables like broccoli,spinach,Kale ,cauliflower,Brussel sprouts ,radishes,broccoli rabe.
3.Dark Chocolate ,Cocoa
5.Garlic,leeks, scallions,Chives
6.Flax seed
7.Whole grains
8.Green Tea
9.Citrus fruits like grapefruits ,oranges and Berries
10.Lentils and Beans(legumes)
11.Fish high in Omega 3s like Fresh Salmon
13.Sweet potatoes and Carrots
15.Chili Peppers

Edamame(baby soy beans),the Star Legume.

Edamame(pronounced Ed-ah-maa-me),the Japanese Legumes are the latest star in the health foods.Harvested before maturity,edamame are cholesterol-free form of plant protein, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids,believed to reduce the risk of osteoporosis, prostate cancer, breast cancer and the symptoms of menopause.

These taste yummier than it looks with slightly sweet nutty flavor.Just plain boiled and seasoned with spices,make a healthful snack.I bought these Organic Edamame in cute little snack size packs,ready to eat from Costco.Its usually available pre-cooked in well stocked super markets under frozen vegetables section.

Combined with creamy avocado,the edamame spread was brimming with health and nutrition.Great for dipping with your favorite crackers or toast and spreading on a sandwich.

(Adapted from Original recipe at Artsy foodie)
1 Cup frozen edamame (baby soybeans), shelled and thawed
1 ripe avocado, peeled,seeded and cut in cubes
2 tablespoon Lemon juice,freshly squeezed
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground coriander
1 garlic clove, minced
1 small green chilly,chopped or use 1/2 teaspoon black pepper for heat.
1/4 cup chopped cilantro or parsley ,finely chopped

Blend on the ingredients together until smooth and spreadable.Serve with crackers or crostini(little toasts) or spread on sandwiches.

Variation with Peas instead of Avocados
1 cup of fresh peas can also be substituted instead of avocados.

I dedicate this post to Cooking to Combat Cancer,food event raising awareness about cancer fighting foods. Cooking to Combat Cancer was started in by Chris of Melle Cotte ,who is a brave cancer survivor sharing her experience and precious advice to fight cancer.


Lavanya said…
loks wonderful..lovely dip color..its tempting enough to try..very healthy too!!
Asha said…
I bought a frozen pack too today, just with beans. Dip looks yum, great for snacking! :)
Anonymous said…
I love them too...looks colorful and yummy..healithy and yes,a very informative post as always yasmeen !!
informative post.. the dip looks excellent. and easy too.
Yummy looking dip... I once came across a book that did say what food to eat to fight cancer... it was tedious to read, but here you have presented it so eaily....
Soma said…
I always keep edammame at home, my kids (&us:-) ) love it! I get mine from costco too. making a spread with avocado is a real COOL idea. I'll have to do it.
Pooja said…
Lovely clicks Yasmeen..Looks yum..Great info..
Finla said…
Very informative post. I just had diner with advacado files with prawns. I do love them.
Love your dip.
Ammu said…
Wonderful dip. Very informative. Love the green color. very tempting.
Poornima Nair said…
Thats a great post Yasmeen, really helpful...The dip looks wonderful.
That healthy and tasty spread looks really good! Edemame is very difficult to find here...


mona said…
That dip is so good!! Will try it definitely, thanks for sharing Yasmeen.
I wish organic food and whole foods were cheaper, so that every common person could include it in the everyday diets, isnt it.
May Allah protect us all from the deadly diseases inshallah.
Cham said…
This spread is excellent and wonderful color!
Yasmeen said…
thank you ladies,glad you could drop by:)
Mona,I understand some Organic foods are too pricey.but thankfully I got this big bag with 24 packs(2 ounce each)for just $6,pretty good deal right?
Chef Jeena said…
Looks delicious what a great dip.

I agree about fruit and vegetables Yasmeen I feel unhealthy if I go one day without some form of fruit or vegetable.
Uma said…
wow, that looks so gorgeous. Thanks for so much info on Cancer Yasmeen. So useful. Dip looks colorful and yummy.
Excellent post. It's necessary to remind ourselves about eating foods that fight against various cancers frequently. Soybeans are not only healthy, but they're so tasty too!
Gita Jaishankar said…
Great dip Yasmeen, with a vaibrant green color, a healthy evening snack with chips or bread :)
Vibaas said…
looks yum and nice recipe. i just add edamame to maggi :D
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very nice read as always yasmeen. love the colour of the dips.
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Thats an enlightening post Yasmeen..The dip looks yum n bright..I'l check out for Edamame next time I go for shopping..!
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looks wonderful, thank you so much for the info on cancer..
sangeeta said…
excellent soybeans are new to me...i think i can grow them in my garden as they are not available here.
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This looks colourful and nutritious snack
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Awesome and vibrant colored dip....Noble cause...
Vikis Kitchen said…
Nice info dear. Very useful to increase the use of antioxidants in food.
I will be looking for Edamame hereafter. Pics look so good.
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Very informative and I love the color.
Yasemin said…
Mashallah I love you Yasmeen. It is for you and in honor of what a great job you are doing that I will eat edamame. I'm going to make half a recipe of the dip. Love it!
Chris said…
This is an excellent post! And, is a great contribution to CCC3. I appreciate the time you took on this informative post. Thank you so much! These are two of my favorite foods and I can't wait to try it.
Hey Yasmeen,
See the telepathy.I wanted a recipe with edamame and u had that in mind to post. The saying goes:
" Great minds think alike" :)
Love this guacamole with edamame. Thanks a bundle. Love the idea.
Recipeswap said…
Yasmeen dark choclate is my fav and I convince myself each time I eat it that its good for me;).
great dip interesting to add edamame.
Thanks for the informative post.
AnuSriram said…
Lovely dip... Such a nice colour! Healthy recipe!
bee said…
excellent idea to add edamame to avocado - two wonderful ingredients.
Bharti said…
Nice recipe Yasmeen. Can I be honest? Cancer freaks me out. It seems like we really have such little control on it, seemingly healthy people get it too. That's a good comprehensive list..I probably use most of those ingredients as well.
baby eczema said…
You gave me more comprehensive information what to take to fight cancer. Thanks!
Rosita Vargas said…
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