Archives July 2009

July 30My debut in Walima Club :Egyptian Special - Koshary and Basbousa(Semolina cake)

July 28Kosambari,a raw vegetable and lentil salad

July 27Daring Bakers...Milan cookies

July 23Dodol(Coconut Milk Jaggery sweet)

July 21Eggcelent Eggplant recipes :Ratatouille Pasta,Kashmiri Baigan and Stuffed Baby eggplants

July 20Bisi Bele Bath(Hot Lentil Rice)

July 15Ice Dream Cook Book Review.Roasted Banana nut Ice Dream.Peach Melba

July 11Shahi Paneer(Indian Cottage Cheese)

July 8Beet Chalupas

July 6Rosemary Zopf(Swiss Braided Bred)

July 6Grilled Vegetable Wild Rice Salad

July 216 Bean Stew With Whole Grain Dinner Rolls

July 1I Love Cilantro!:Cilantro Coconut Milk Pasta


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