Peanut Butter and Plum Jelly Ice Dream.And NutButter Giveaway.

Nut Butters(Almond and Peanut),are staple spreads on my everyday sandwiches that I absolutely cannot do without.Recently a representative of MaraNatha Nut Butters contacted me to try and talk about their Peanut Butter.I was shipped 2 free sample Jars of All-natural MaraNatha Peanut Butter.Creamy and smooth,the nutty butter did not last long,my family is big on nut butters,one of the Jars was licked clean in few days,mostly on lunch box sandwiches.With the second Jar,I had to try something different,something that celebrates the warmth of the season.Racheal's Dairy-free Ice Dream with PB seemed fitting,time was right to revive the frozen treats in her cookbook,some of them I totally enjoyed last season.

Recipe : Peanut Butter and Plum Jelly, adapted from Rachel Albert-Matesz's Ice Dream Cookbook.

1 1/2 cup Peanut Butter(I use MaraNatha,can also use Almond Butter or Cashew Butter )
1/2 cup low-sugar fruit Jelly(I use homemade Plum jelly)
1 3/4 cups (one 14 ounce can) unsweetened lite coconut milk (preservative-free).
1 medium-size ripe banana, peeled
1 tablespoon virgin-pressed coconut oil or palm shortening
2 tablespoon honey or agave syrup or maple syrup
1 tablespoon Dark brown sugar
1/8 teaspoon finely ground, unrefined sea salt

1-Gently melt coconut or palm oil in a small saucepan over low heat.Add the sliced banana and brown sugar.Let caramelize for 2-3 minutes.Turn off heat and cool.

2-Transfer the banana mixture into a blender, vita-mix or food processor. Add the honey, peanut butter,sea salt, and coconut milk. Blend until smooth.

3-Pour into one or more wide-mouthed jars. Cover and refrigerate for at least 6 hours before churning.Meanwhile ,stir 1-2 teaspoon of water in the fruit jelly to loosen it up.cover and refrigerate.

4-Scrape the chilled custard into the canister of your ice cream maker. Churn according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

5-When done,spoon 1/4 of the forzen dessert in to freezer-safe container.Spoon a layer of diluted fruit jelly evenly over the Ice Dream.Top with another layer of Ice Dream.Continue layering Ice Dream and fruit jelly in the same way,ending with a layer of Ice Dream.Cover and freeze for atleast 3 hours,until firm ,before serving.

6-Soften solidly frozen dessert by placing it in the refrigerator for 30 to 45 minutes or on the counter for 15 to 30 minutes before serving.

Without the Ice cream machine method

If you don't have an Ice cream machine.After the step 4,transfer the Ice Dream mixture in to a freezer proof container,preferably air tight.Freeze for about an hour,then get the container out and whisk the mixture using a spatula or hand held whisk or electric whisk to break the ice crystals forming over the edges of the container.Freeze and whisk again after 30-40 minutes ,repeat this for about 6 hours until the mixture is almost frozen.Serve immediately or freeze.Proceed from Step 5 above.

PB and J Ice Dream Sandwiched between Rye Bread Crisps

MaraNatha Nut Butter Give Away !

MaraNatha makes a variety of protein rich, organic and natural nut and seed butters, including classic peanut butter, almond, cashew and macadamia butters and sesame tahini.Find them all here.

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Thoroughly satisfied with the quality and taste of the sample peanut butter,I bought more of MaraNatha Nut butter from a retail store near me(Costco).You could also order them Online.

As for the exciting giveaway,MaraNatha is also offering Coupons for 4 free MaraNatha Nut Butter jars, $20 value!,to one lucky winner .To be eligible for this delicious offer,just leave a comment below about "Your favorite spread on Sandwiches or Crackers".Winner will be selected on April 10th.Good luck!


Priya Suresh said…
Peanut butter and plum jelly ice sounds truly divine...Thanks for sharing the tips for making out ice without ice cream maker, really helpful for me..
Lori said…
On crackers I love cashew butter with a couple chocolate chips stuck in there :D
Barb said…
Wow, good ole' peanut butter is still my favorite spreadable snack. There's so many ways you can change it to make it even better but I rarely do because I love it's taste alone so much. That would be great to get some free pb!
Unknown said…
I'm a huge fan of any nut butter, but my recent favorite is soy butter, made from ground soynuts. It's delicious on anything, especially graham crackers! Add in a little hot pepper jelly, and it can't get any better.
Unknown said…
looks absolutely divine..yumy ice cream...
Nithu Bala said…
Very are very tempting..
That ice cream is so original! Fantastic!


Tina said…
Perfect and delicious...
Anonymous said…
Wow, this ice cream with pb and plum jelly sounds heavenly!
Divya Kudua said…
Yum..the PBJ looks cool..:):).I love to have my sandwiches with a big dollop of strawberry jam..:)[flavor of the]
Simplyfood said…
Peanut butter ice cream sound delicious and lovely to eat,lovely click.
Anonymous said…
Very good looking "Ice Cream" and healthy too!
Mona said…
Wow, that ice-cream looks so good. And the clicks are making me hungry!
I love Nutella and Peanut Butter the most.
Anonymous said…
This looks to die for!So creative! This is my all time favorite combination, no matter how old I get.I am loving your blog!
Joanne said…
This sounds amazing! I've always wanted to try MaraNatha nut butters but they run up to 10 bucks a jar in my local grocery store (yikes!). I am definitely bookmarking this ice cream. Now that I finally got an ice cream maker I have to start hoarding recipes.

My favorite spread...I really love the PB Loco chocolate chip cookie dough peanut butter. While I was marathon training, I would have that on a cinnamon raisin bagel with jelly after every long run. It was the best way to replenish those calories!
Deepa said…
hey the ice cream looks so refreshing and cool..will try the ice cream in a freezer..
Mel said…
My favorite sandwiches are still peanut butter and jelly. But now I use really good or home ground peanut butter and my grandmothers recipe for strawberry rhubarb pineapple jelly. If I am feeling particularly nostalgic I may add some marshmallow fluff to bring back childhood memories.
Keri said…
Hello. Wow, that looks beautiful and tasty too. I am going to give it a try for sure because I happen to love all nut butters. You have a very pretty page and I get the message very clearly. Love it. Hope one day you can stop into my world too where sandwiches rule. Thanks, Keri (a.k.a. Sam)
I am nut butter obsessed! I think it can pair well with just about anything, but my favorite combo is usually apples or bananas... or a few chocolate chips, for a little bit of indulgence!
Cool Lassi(e) said…
I love the ice cream that is truly anyone's dream.

My favorite spread for bread - Nutella all the time.
What a unique idea for ice cream! This looks SO delicious!
I have never tried peanut butter. This looks like a fabulous dessert and I like the idea of the sandwich.
Indian Khana said…
Looks so gud..I love peanut butter and this one looks so gud...nice combo
Gaby said…
oh goodness, i have far too many uses for nut butter to name a favorite! Standard toast or english muffin is great but I love getting creative with the types I use- almond butter and a rose jelly from a local turkish market is amazing, as is guava jelly and cashew butter. I love pb and jelly oatmeal, or almond butter stuffed dates, or ants on a log, apples and pb with cinnamon, or I've mashed up almond butter, banana and coconut flakes for an ultra delicious toast topper too! See what I mean? I could go on and on, and now it looks like I'll be adding ice cream to my list!
Thanks for the great recipes and giveaway!
I don't really have sweet tooth but i want a slice of that now!
Muneeba said…
I was gonna wait a few weeks before breaking out my ice-cream maker, but HOLY MOLY does that look good!!!!!
Such familiar and comforting flavors in this ice cream. Beautiful!

Hayley said…
Yummy ice cream!!tempting and yummy..
chakhlere said…
This looks divine. I loved the cracker idea.
Anonymous said…
That ice cream looks amazing!! I love almond butter & Nutella is delicious! Thanks for doing a giveaway! :)
Meena said…
Yasmeen, great idea for the icecream.

When it comes to spreads on crackers, my family and I love my home-made spread which is a mixture of skimmed ricotta cheese, grated cucumber, minced garlic and crushed red/black pepper.
tigerfish said…
I have 2 favorite spread on sandwiches and crackers.

On sandwich - peanut butter with berry jam

On cracker - brie cheese.
I pretty much love any nut butter but I seem to always go back to peanut.
Anonymous said…
oh thank you for the info!! this PB is my FAVORITE! so creamy and delish.. the NO-STIR is the best!!

I really hope I win!

Jenna Z said…
I am BIG on hummus! But I also LOVE crunchy peanut butter on crackers and sandwiches! Yum with banana slices!
Unknown said…
I love nut butters, most often I eat peanut and almond butter. My favorite post-run snack, sometimes my breakfast, and even lunch when I need something quick... 2 slices of toasted, sliced wheat or 8-grain bread, spread with nut butter, topped with banana slices and drizzled with honey. What I've been doing lately, mixing in a spoonful of flaxseeds to the nut butter before spreading it on the toast. It adds extra nutrients found in flax and the flax seeds add an additional wonderful nutty flavor. Enjoy!!
Barb said…
Thank you so much for choosing me as the winner of this great giveaway! Now I can't say I never win anymore. Thanks as I love PB better than anything!
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