Grilled Kibbeh

Kibbeh is a torpedo shaped crunchy appetizer ,adored not just in Middle East but also in the Middle Eastern eateries around here.The authentic Syrian spring kibbeh stuffed with fresh home made cheese was embraced by the 2 hostesses(Nisrin and Mona) for the Walima cooking club this month.Yearning in vain for fresh cheese,my recreation of kibbeh is void of any stuffing but I did add a touch of vegetables to make up for the flavor.Usually deep fried,I chose to grill,although one can also BBQ or bake them.And for my vegetarian viewers who wish to make these,there is good news,the soy granules work just as well as the minced meat.

The other main ingredient is the bulgur wheat,that is not the same as cracked wheat.Bulgur wheat is quicker to cook,for its is par boiled and toasted before breaking them unlike the cracked wheat which is broken directly from the wheat berries.

Recipe : Grilled Kibbeh with vegetables
Makes a dozen kibbeh

1 1/2 cup Bulgur wheat or Cracked wheat*
1/2 pound lean beef or lamb or turkey,minced [Vegan substitute : 1 1/2 cup soy granules,soaked and drained]
1/2 medium onion,chopped
1 medium carrot,shred
3-4 kale leaves(or use other greens like spinach )
1/4 cup pine nuts or almonds,coarsely chopped
1 teaspoon of Middle Eastern 7 spice mix (black pepper, all spice, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, white pepper, dried rose petals this is optional )
3/4 teaspoon Salt
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
2 tablespoon canola oil

*Cracked wheat will require longer soaking and cooking time.

Wash and soak the bulgur in little cold water for 10 to 15 good minutes and then drain all of the water.
Mince the drained bulgur with all of the vegetables,nuts,salt and spices,in a food processor twice, the third time we add the meat and mince all together to combine, you might need to do this in several steps if the machine is not big enough.
Empty the mix in a big bowl, dip your hands in some water and start mixing and kneading the bulgur mixture well to combine nice dough. Adjust the seasoning if need it.

Take about 2 tablespoon of kibbeh each time and shape in flat diamonds.Wash hands thoroughly after handling the kibbeh mixture.

To Bake
Grease a baking tray with the oil,arrange the kibbeh on the tray.Bake the kibbeh in preheat 400F oven, check every 10 minutes and brush again, dipping the brush in the pan drippings.

To Grill
A tastier way of cooking these kibbeh,brush oil on boyh sides,then BBQ or grill on medium heat,6-8 minutes on each side,until golden brown.

Serve the kibbeh with Green Salad or Yogurt Iran (a diluted yogurt in some cold water and salt, some add dried mint and garlic)


Cool Lassi(e) said…
Hey, What a crunchy little appetizer. I am so famished and in serious want of those torpedos. Questions - Are Kibbi and Kibbeh one and the same? I have seen "Kibbi" with pounded lamb and Bulghur.Your version looks much easier to make.
Erica said…
Thank you for visiting my blog!!I love yours....Great recipes.
At first I thought they are fish cutlets lol
Looks very crunchy and delicious!
Sarah said…
This is one of my most desired snacks.thanks for posting Yasmeen =)
Jhonny walker said…

these are so crunchy..looks like those mini veggies burgers..but so know Right now, I want one of these...for real :)

kristenly said…
Looks really yummy! I love that you didn't fry them. Do you think it's possible to make a vegetarian version without soy granules or meat substitute? Or is that what kind of all holds it together?
Dershana said…
beautiful pics, yasmeen. would love to try a vegetarian version or with chicken
Finla said…
Beautiful and so so delicous looking,.
Mmmhhh, that looks terrific!


Kiran said…
Nice Kibbeh.Good to know that there is a vegetarian option.
Priya Suresh said…
Grilled kibbeh looks irresistible, lovely clicks..
Kiran said…
Yasmeen can you let me know if you got my link for the Kale kootu and Yogurt sambar recipes.I posted the link a few days ago in your website.If nt I will send it again.
Joanne said…
I think I was really supposed to be born Middle Eastern because I love all of the flavors in it's cuisine! These sound perfectly spiced.
notyet100 said…
i want this now,..
Shabs.. said…
Love kibbeh....Dint know it can be grilled!!!....Will try grilling minen next time:)...was wondering if the round/oval ones can be grilled too?or baked?...And i love you recommendations for soya as well...Your articles are always very informative...keep rocking yAsmeen...
CurryLeaf said…
I too have tried this Yasmeen.thgh never with soy.I used potatoes instead.The addition of carrots and kale is excellent.Excellent clicks as well
Yasmeen said…
Thank you all :D
You can make the cutlets without the meat or meat substitute with just bulgur wheat and vegetables.Make sure the mixture is finely processed and hold together well.

Yes, the stuffed round\oval kibbeh can also be baked or grilled after brushing some oil over.
sayantani said…
We are very fond of Mediterranean cuisine. the kibbeh looks scrumptious a must try in my kitchen with soy granule.
Oh wow, I've been working on my own baked (or grilled) kibbe recipe for awhile. Yours looks fabulous. Sort of reminds me of a cross between kibbe and kebabs. Yum!
chakhlere said…
amazing snap..makes me drool over it.
tasteofbeirut said…

Wonderful and inspired interpretation of the kibbeh; also lighter too! I like that plate and the photo, beautiful!
Jamie said…
I have tasted creative to see vegetables in them.
Unknown said…
Yasmeen this is a complete new food to me.I have to take a trip to middle eastern store to find bulgur.With meat and vegetables this is like a complete snack or appetizer.
Unknown said…
Nice presentation.I love middle eastern food.kibbeh is a tasty appetizer.
Wow thats wonderful crunchy dish.. I loved the recipe so much.. this is great one for burger pattie too right !!!. I bookmarked it wish, to try this soon.
Dori said…
Wow, that sounds so delicious!
Yasmeen said…
Thank you all :D
Cool lassie,kibbi and kibbeh are the same.Lamb or beef both are good for the recipe.
Yes Pavitra,when shaped round,these would make a wonderful patty for burger :D
shahana said…
Sounds soo delicious!As usual sounds so healthy...
Simona said…
lovely,this is completely new kind of food.
Unknown said…
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