Watermelon Spritzer. And the winner of Ice cream challenge.

Who doesn't crave watermelon during the summer? A slice of fresh juicy crisp watermelon can quench the thirst better than any other fruit.Mid-summer has the best melons that are ripe,red and sweet.

Watermelon is loaded with a nutrient called citrulline that helps produce nitric oxide, a powerful blood vessel dilator that's critical to healthy blood flow - Dr. Oz

Much more satisfying than sugary sodas,the fizzy watermelon ice cubes spritzer is an amazing drink to chill off.The melon ice cubes keeps the drink cooler longer,alternately you could also make the drink by blending the melon with few ice cubes.But the ice cubes method yield a more intense melon punch,since the ice cubes are purely melons.

Recipe : Water melon Ice Cubes Spritzer(Non-alcoholic)
5 cups of Water melon chunks(about a quarter of large size melon)
2 tablespoon agave nectar(optional)
6 ounce bottle of lime flavored soda water

Puree the water melon in a blender until smooth.Pour in ice trays and freeze for 4-5 hours.Unmold the ice cubes,put about 5-6 of the frozen water melon cubes in each of the tall glasses and pour a cup of soda water in each.Serve immediately.

Now for the exciting announcement of the winner of the Health Nut Ice cream challenge.It was a very close contest with such brilliant healthy Ice cream recipes.The top recipes which got most votes are :

Recipe , Votes
Kiran's Avocado Coconut Vegan Ice Cream 13
Denny's Almond Carrot Ice Cream 11
Nithu's Mixed Veggie Fruit Nut Oats Ice Cream 9
Rebecca's Almond Berry coconut Ice Dream 8
Curry Leaf's Mango coconut pops 5
Priya's Orange Yogurt Cheese Pops 4
Umm Mymoonah's Cherry Porridge Ice Cream 4

Congrats! Kiran,a copy of Rachel Albert-Matesz's Ice Cream Cook Book will be on your way soon.Thanks again to all the participants,the challenge indeed brought out some unusual yet tasty ideas of home made ice cream.


Nithu Bala said…
Wow! love the watermelon spritzer..looks tempting..congrats Kiran:-)
Swathi said…
Watermelon sprizer looks really good. Congrats kiran.
Rahin said…
this has the cooling effect....i mean i am feeling cooler already :)
beautiful !
Prerna said…
Wow! what a great idea.
Unknown said…
So tempting and wonderful color
RV said…
This is such a refreshing and energizing drink. Looks summery.... & Congratulations Kiran!!!
Kiran said…
Thank you Yasmeen.I am very happy to know that I won the Healthy Ice Cream Challenge.
Super refreshing drink ..Perfect perfect perfect!!!!. COngrats kiran.
the watermelon spritzer looks great with that refreshing coulur. Congrats Kiran.
Loved teh way it is served...Looks super..and Congrats to the winner
A delightful drink!


Priya Suresh said…
Woww wat a interesting and refreshing drink, very tempting...Congrats to the Winner..
Niloufer Riyaz said…
Cool Spritzer with watermelon.
N Congrats to thw winner
Hamaree Rasoi said…
Lovely color of theis refreshing drink. Congrats Kiran :-)
Hamaree Rasoi
Thta just looks great...love watermelon
Sağlık haber said…
A beautiful page. I liked.
CurryLeaf said…
Beautiful spritzer.Congrats to the winner.
Salsa Verde said…
Although lots of people don't like it, watermelon is one of my favourite fruits and this spritzer looks so refreshing and delicious!!
Shama Nagarajan said…
refreshing one...yummy drink
Refreshing Drink and Congrats Kiran !!!
Sarah said…
Juicy melon!!!this is so much better than any soda =)
Unknown said…
The ice cubes is a neat idea,have to try it soon.
Jamie said…
Cutting a melon is more of a big challenge for me but otherwise I enjoy the fruit to the core.The spritzer is a real cool off summer drink.
Unknown said…
I like this without any alcohol,I don't have worry about the number of servings.
Nitha said…
Love watermelons and this drink is so tempting..
sathya said…
Watermelon spritzer looks very refreshing !
JennaCook said…
Good that I found this cool melon spritzer,makea a perfect drink for my summer bbq party coming up soon.
Pratiba Bhat said…
I went crrrrraaaaazzzyyy .... looking at the pictures. :) Can't take my eyes off them :)
RachealKirt said…
Congrats to the winner.The melon spritzer looks like a nice cooler.
Cynthia said…
I love EVERYTHING in this post.
"Guppy" Honaker said…
Oh this brings back fond memories for me. I was a "Mormon" missionary in Brazil many, many years ago (about 30 now, how time flies). They made the most wonderful drinks by adding soda water to tall glasses of fruit (some that were unique to Brazil). This has inspired me and, guess what? I have a watermellon in my kitchen already! I'm going out to get some soda water later today for a treat tonight! Thanks Yasmeen.

- David

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