Amazing Aloe Vera

Amazingly versatile plant,Aloe Vera has been known since ancient times for its health and beauty benefits. I had knowledge about its benefits for a quiet some time but never tried it until I found the fresh plant in local Asian Grocery store. Initially I just used it in oatmeal face scrub
But the most amazing healing power of aloe vera was found when I started using it for eczema rash on palms that soothingly healed it on regular application for 2 days. This might vary with severity of rash.  Always go for pure and fresh aloe vera. When mixed with preservatives or other additives Aloe vera may not be as affective.
Always check on some area of skin for any allergic reaction and consult a doctor if rash is painful and swollen with blisters.

Steps to cut Aloe Vera leaves :

  1. Use a clean knife on clean cutting board 
  2.  If the leaf is large cut in smaller pieces. 
  3. Trim the thorny ends and slice off an outer green portion of the leaves. 
  4. Cut the gel in cubes. 
  5. Scoop out any remaining portion of gel over the green leaves. 
  6. Store the cubes and any scooped gel in to a clean sterilized container for a week or two in refrigerator. Use as needed.

One delish recipe with aloe vera coming up next...


Biny's Recipes said…
Will wait for the recipe. I have aloe vera at home. But just dont have the heart to run the knife.