Healthy and Shiny hair : Henna and Aloe Vera hair pack

A Chemical Free Hair dye 

Henna is the chemical free natural alternative to artificial hair dyes. Besides unforeseen damage to your hair ,shockingly the chemicals in hair dyes have also being linked with cancer.

Henna for hair growth and conditioning

Regular use of henna can strengthen hair roots,promote hair growth ,prevent hair fall and restore its shine and bounce.

Color Change

 Be mindful if you have light color hair or grey hair,using henna will color hair to a orange reddish color. Darker black hair colors ,will not see any change in color,only a maroonish shade in sunlight.

Be aware BLACK HENNA is NOT really Natural.

Be sure to buy only all natural henna or herbal henna powder free of any chemicals

Henna and Aloe vera hair pack for Healthy Hair
Mixing henna powder with aloe vera gel provides the added nourishment for the hair. Aloe vera is known to prevent dandruff ,strengthen hair and promote hair growth.
Black Tea
The liquid used in the mix is black tea , that darkens the color of henna while adding natural luster to the hair and also prevents hair dryness
Finally one whole egg which is rich in protein is great for conditioning the hair.
Use this every 3-4 weeks for healthy hair and promoting hair growth.

Hair Pack Recipe for 1 application Medium length hair :
1 cup Henna(can use herbal henna with added ingredients like amla powder and shikakai powder)
1 1/2 cup black tea(drop 1 tea bag in water and let sit for few minutes ,before squeezing it out)
2 tablespoon Aloe vera gel
1 Egg

Slowly mix all the ingredients in a glass or steel bowl until smooth ,might have some lumps,that should be fine. Cover and let sit for 3-4 hours before applying on hair.

Steps to apply henna to your hair :
1.Lightly apply coconut oil to your hair and massage all over the scalp
2.Use an applicator brush for applying or if using fingers wear gloves to prevent any color on your fingers
3.Start from the front ,take few strands of hair, apply from bottom to top. Make sure the mixture gets to the scalp
4.Swirl and pile the strands of your hair one over the other like a hair bun on top
5.Keep it on for 2-3 hours before rinsing in cold water. If kept longer can get too dry and difficult to rinse off. If you are not looking for darker color ,can rinse off in one hour. Your hair will still get the sufficient conditioning needed.

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