Calming Chicken Soup

Calming Chicken Soup
Nothing can be more calming that a bowl of hot chicken soup when you are feeling sick and blue. It helps by rejuvenating your dehydrated body due to cold and flu.
Making chicken soup can be time consuming but you'll be glad you made it.

Ingredients you'll need are:
2 lbs skinless Chicken cut in medium pieces
1 big Chopped Onion
1 big Carrot
1/4 cup peas
1 cup Chopped Broccoli
4 garlic cloves
1 inch ginger root
Sea Salt and pepper as per your taste.

To make the Soup
Trim fat as much as you can from the chicken pieces.
Fill a big pot with water and warm it on medium high flame. Drop the chicken pieces and chopped onions. Peel ginger and garlic, grate them and mix in the pot of water.Add some salt and pepper. Cover and let cook for at least an hour on medium low flame. Slow cooking keeps chicken tender.
Drain all the water in a big bowl. Separate the chicken from bones and keep aside in a bowl . Put the water back in the pot and now add finely chopped vegetables .Simmer till vegetables are tender. Mix in the shred chicken and serve hot with some cooked whole grain pasta.

Health nut Addition
Use a quarter cup of barley along with the vegetables to add to the recipes nutrition.