About Me

Hi,I'm Yasmeen,a health food enthusiast.In other words a health nut,who believes that good food plus a good exercise routine are a priceless investments of good health in long run.I decided to change diet and incorporate nature's best foods in everyday cooking,after learning about the inevitable connection between chronic diseases and cancers to unhealthy diet and nutrition.Also,caring for an asthmatic child,made me selective about food habits.

I classify only nutritious and healthful whole grains,fruits,vegetables ,spices,herbs and some kind of sea food as nature's best foods.I promote organic foods ,preferably from local farms as much as possible,for better food value.Home gardening also interests me immensely,there is nothing as tasty as fresh veggies picked from your own garden.

Healthy eating doesn't have to be boring,can always be make more appealing to get everyone in the family to eat delicious as well as healthy meals.My blog Health nut is my journal of healthful recipes.Most if not all of my savory recipes have Spicy Asian influence.Some of my recipes ,were ever labeled ,are safe for restricted diets such as vegan,gluten-free,low-sugar,dairy-free,low-fat and low cholesterol.But please do not take the information here for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

I'm also willing to give a honest review of health products thorough my blog.If interested in promoting health foods through my blog,please write to me at YasmeenHealthnut@gmail.com.

Hope you have a wonderful time browsing through my work of love and labor,my healthful recipes.I wish you,A Happy and Healthy Life !