Radish Curry With Zeera Paratha(Cumin Flatbread)

Radish Curry

Ingredients you'll need
8-10 radishes ,thoroughly washed and sliced
4-6 cherry tomatoes
1 small onion chopped
1/2 teaspoon turmeric
1/2 teaspoon ginger and garlic paste or mince
1/2 teaspoon Chilly powder( or more as per your spice tolerance level)
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1 tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
sliced jalapenos for garnish.

To make the curry
Heat Olive oil in a Pan on Medium high. Add onion, cumin seeds and saute for a minute before adding the spicy duo minced ginger and garlic. Add the golden spice turmeric and the chilly powder along with sliced radishes and cherry tomatoes. cover and cook for about ten minutes. Serve with rice or flat bread(parathas).

Zeera Paratha (Cumin FlatBread)

Ingredients you'll need
2 Cups wheat Wheat Flour
1 teaspoon cumin seeds or/and 1/2 teaspoon Kalonji/black seeds
2 Tablespoon Extra Virgin olive oil(EVOO)
1/2 teaspoon Sea Salt

To make Parathas
Prepare the dough
Take a mixing bowl mix all the ingredients . Make a well in the middle of dry mixture pour in the water and oil. Mix until the dough is of right smooth consistency. knead for couple of minutes and let rest for about 20minutes before rolling in to parathas.
Preheat an iron pan(Tava) or non stick pan at medium high flame. Roast the parathas flip once and spread some oil and flip again after few seconds. Use a spatula to lightly press and roll them around the pan.. You can even make layered paratha just as in this recipe of Layered Flat bread. Serve with any curry.


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