Shrimp(Prawn) Biryani and A FriendShip Poem..Game of Tag

My love for biryani continues with Shrimp Biryani. Each of the biryanis have a slight variation in how its layered. In the shrimp biryani the shrimp mixture is laid at bottom with partially cooked rice on top.
Shrimps tastes best when cooked fresh. They are soft and juicy if cooked for right amount of time,overcooking gives it a hard texture. Biryani makes shrimp spicy and flavorful.

3cups Basmati rice
1 pound medium Shrimp\Prawn shelled and deveined(Removing the vein)
1 tablespoon Ginger garlic paste
1 cup Fat free Yogurt
1 tablespoon Ground spices cloves, cinnamon ,coriander seeds and cumin seeds(aka Garam Masala)
1 cup Chopped cilantro and mint
1 medium Onions
1/2 of lime,Squeeze all the juice,fish out the seeds.
2 green chillies
1 teaspoon red chilly powder
1 teaspoon turmeric
2 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
orange food color dissolved in 2 tablespoon of low fat milk.

To make the Shrimp Biryani
Fry Onions and Cook Rice(70%)
wash and soak rice for 15minutes. In a medium Saucepan heat 3 tablespoon of Olive oil and add thinly sliced onions and pinch of salt. Saute until golden brown and remove from the oil and set aside. Now add about 6 cups of water along with whole spices and salt in the same sauce pan and bring to a boil.Drain all the water from soaked rice and add to the boiling water. Let cook while occasionally stirring and partially covered with the lid. Cook until its 70% done.Drain the rice in a strainer\colander.
Shallow fry the Shrimp
While the rice is cooking ,clean the Shrimp .Run through some cold water and pat dry. In a bowl mix shrimp with turmeric ,ginger garlic paste, chilly powder and 1/2 teaspoon salt.
Heat the oil in a big sauce pan on medium high heat. Shallow fry the shrimp, cook for about 4-5 minutes just until changes color and masala is roasted. Remove and set aside in bowl.

Prepare the Gravy and make layers.
In the same saucepan used to fry the shrimp, add the fried onions,yogurt and chopped greens. Let simmer for 2 minutes. Now add the fried shrimp.

Top with the partially cooked rice and sprinkle remaining onions,chopped greens,lime juice and food color.

Cover tightly and cook for just for another 8-10 minutes on medium heat.
Wait for at least 10 minutes before removing the lid of the saucepan.
Mix Layers
Before serving mix completely from bottom up and lay on the serving plate with the shrimp on top.Garnish with sliced beets ,mint and lemon.

Shrimp Nutrition facts
Shrimp is high in calcium and protein but could considerably raise your cholesterol if eaten in excess.
To Devein the Shrimp
Remove the vein by making a shallow cut lengthwise down the outer curve of the shrimp's body, allowing the dark ribbon-like digestive tract to be removed with a pointed utensil. Alternatively, if the tail has been detached, the vein can be pinched at the tail end and pulled out completely with the fingers.Some stores do sell shrimp with veins removed,that can save lot of work.

This recipe is my entry for Sangeeth's Eat Healthy :Calcium Rich Event

I have been tagged!
Nidhi of Sizzling Bites has tagged me with a poem on friendship.

We need friends for many reasons,all throughout the season.

We need friends to comfort us when we are sad,and to have fun with us when we are glad.

We need friends to give us good advice,

We need someone we can count on,and treat us nice.

We need friends to remember us once we have passed ;sharing memories that will always last.

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Anjum said…
asak yasmeen, lovely recipe and perfectly done biryani and superb photography...its mind blowing...ur recipe is same as mine par har kisi ke haath ka jaadu alag hota hain na!!!
Sangeeth said…
:) luved reading
Jaishree Iyer said…
Nice entry,lovely recipe.. thanks for tagging dear:)
maimoona said…
Thanks a million for passing such beautiful words.
AS always your Shrimp biryani recipe looks superb!
Seena said…
Assalam alaikkum Yasmeen,
Your blog is very nice, loved it. Will come back whenever possible Insha Allah.. :)
yum yum yum ! i adore prawn biryani, and you know what goes best with it. Mango pickle ! this biryani looks heavenly.
Anonymous said…
Assalaam Alaikum
Dear Yasmeen,
We share the same name and seems we have inclination for cooking too. Well, you blog is superb and I tried your shrimp Biryani. It was really wonderful. Pursue with your good work and add many more Awadh Food and Mughlai to your repository.
Take care and
Yasmeen said…
Thanks for visiting Yasmin.
Yasmeen said…
Thanks for visiting Yasmin.