Summer Cooling Minty Limeade

Its my refreshing drink made with limes ,complete with antioxidants. Cooling on a hot summer day. It may be just another month before summer ends here in Cleveland. Make hay while the sun shines and relish the drink which tastes best in summer.
Ingredients needed are
1 fresh lime or lemon
1/4 mint leaves
3 table spoon white sugar
3 cups water

To make the Limeade
Reserve few mint leaves for topping and drop the remaining in boiling water and simmer for about 10minutes.Strain and let cool completely in a fridge for 2 hrs.
Roll the lime to get the juices flowing. Halve and squeeze out the juice. Strain any pits or pulp and mix in the cool minty water.
Serve chilled with few mint leaves on top.

This is my entry for AFAM Lemon hosted by SimpleIndianFood

The picture is making a humble entry in to the Photo Click event host by Gurus of Photography at Jugalbandi.While taking this shot i set my table by the bay window with some stems of spear mint with its tiny flowers blooming. Just a beginner in food photography I'm excited about this photo click event. Thanks to jugalbandits for hosting the event.


lubnakarim06 said…
Wow!looks tasty dear. Nice post for the event.
Unknown said…
Hey, u've been tagged, check it at my blog.
Yasmeen said…
Thanks lubna .
Aartee ,thank you for spreading the good luck by game of tag.
bee said…
beautiful pic. thank you.
Daagh said…
simple, fresh and looks divine
Unknown said…
Thank you Bee and Daagh ,thats very encouraging.
EC said…
Mint always adds a nice flavor to lemonade...thanks for participating