Mushroom Walnut Soup

Mushroom Walnut Soup is an appetizing soup with creamy texture from mushrooms and rich walnuts ,needless to say it wholly nutritious.Slurp up!

(Recipe courtesy ,Zee from Zeelicious blog.Thank you Zee for sharing you favorite soup recipe:))
6-8 button mushrooms,sliced
4 tbsp walnuts,toasted and roughly chopped
1 small onion,chopped
1 big clove garlic ,peeled and chopped
1 cup reduced fat milk
4-5 cloves
1 tbsp all purpose flour
Salt and pepper as per taste
2 tbsp Olive oil
1 teaspoon butter
2 cups vegetable or chicken stock,little more if needed


Heat oil and butter in a pan and lightly fry the sliced mushroom until light brown.
Remove and reserve 1/3rd of the mushroom for garnishing.
In the same pan saute the chopped garlic followed by onion until light brown. Let cool.
Transfer onion, garlic, mushroom, 2 tbsp walnuts in food processor and liquidise using milk.
Heat the remaining oil add cloves and stir for a few seconds.
Now add the flour and stir for a minute.Slowly add the stock or water. You can adjust the quantity as per your desired consistency.
Bring to boil and add the mushroon paste prepared above.
Heat through, season with salt and pepper.If possible before serving remove the cloves.Garnish with the remaining mushroom and walnuts and serve.

Salad Olviye[Recipe courtesy Zee from Zeelicious blog]

The two recipes in white ,Salad Olviye and Walnut Mushroom Soup ,are my( or should I say ,Zee's) entry for Sunshine mom's Food in colors event,hosting the white Colored recipes this month is Lubna of Kitchen Flavours.


Unknown said…
wow.. Looks delicious.. new to me.. thxs for sharing.. nice clicks..,
Gita Jaishankar said…
The soup does look warm and comforting, I like the idea of adding low-fat milk. The salad is new to me, should try that one :)
Preety said…
warm soup..hmmmm...perfect for cold winter.
Anonymous said…
Any soup comes as a comfort,and mushrooms i simply adore..
Happy Xmas to you and family dearie..
beautiful click and delicious look. perfect bowl of soup...
CurryLeaf said…
Perfect bowl of soup.Bookmarked.First time seeing the combo of nuts and mushrooms.Perfect entries to the event.HAPPY HOLIDAYS
Sunshinemom said…
Mushroom soup sounds good - I like the usage of walnuts!
lubnakarim06 said…
Creamy and crunchy wow. Thank you for sending it down to FIC.
Maria Verivaki said…
that salad looks fantastic
happy holidays!
Retno Prihadana said…
Soup with walnut looks so tempting, just great for winter time! Love the salad too:)
Anjum said…
Asak yasmeen,mushroom must b delicious!!!
Sara said…
Your soup looks delicious, I love walnuts. Happy holidays!
Anonymous said…
Love the salad and the soup.
Cham said…
That is a different nutty soup
Purva Desai said…
Soup looks yummy and love the colour as well and salad looks delicious too
Anonymous said…
This looks really delicious! I've never thought of this combination of flavors before, but it looks wonderful.
Blogger said…
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