Traditional British Puddings(Carrot-Ginger Sponge and Savory Mushroom)

Looks sensational isn't,but does it taste as good?proof is in the pudding,you have to try and taste to believe it.Unlike any other pudding , I had a different approach with these,with new ingredients and slow steaming instead of baking.

The April 2010 Daring Bakers’ challenge was hosted by Esther of The Lilac Kitchen. She challenged everyone to make a traditional British pudding using, if possible, a very traditional British ingredient: suet.

A universally favored dessert with deliciously puzzling varieties,puddings are hard to miss on a dessert menu.The food timeline study reveals, pudding as a British invention, and a certain characteristic dish of British cuisine.The traditional British pudding is commonly steamed not baked,type 1 has any kind of red meat filling or fruit with pastry crust and type 2 is sponge type includes eggs and other flavoring like the dried fruit.Both the types have one essential ingredient,the suet(the white fat of sheep or cattle),that known to make the pudding really soft and moist,not to mention high in fat calories.A vegan alternative that can closely imitate the animal fat ,is the one of the best fats from the tropics,virgin pressed coconut oil(learn about it in my post here ).I'm not sure if a British food critic would even consider these traditional, for not using the real suet,but since our nice hostess(Esther) of the challenge gave us the option,I went for it with no further thoughts.

Carrot-Ginger Sponge Pudding(using suet substitute)

Flavoring right was essential for the pudding.Carrots are the most common ingredient in my kitchen,always in stock.The fine shred carrots make the pudding moist nutritious.There is good balance of sweetness and spice in this pudding.Too much ginger can overpower the flavor of pudding ,be careful not to exceed the quantity in the recipe.For a bedazzling finish to other wise simple pudding,garnish with more carrots,simply shave a big carrot and caramelize in little bit of sugar.

Equipment required:
• 2 pint (1 liter) pudding bowl or steam-able containers to contain a similar amount they should be higher rather than wide and low.
• Steamer or large pan, ideally with a steaming stand, upturned plate or crumpled up piece of kitchen foil
• Mixing bowl
• Spoon
• Measuring cups or scales
• Foil or grease proof paper to cover the bowl
• String
Recipe: Carrot-Ginger Sponge Pudding(using suet substitute)
serves 3-4
100 grams/4 ounces) All-purpose flour
1 cup carrots,finely shred
2 tablespoon of Vegan suet substitute : Virgin pressed coconut oil[available in any well-stocked super store]
1/4 teaspoon fresh ginger,minced
(1/4 teaspoon) salt
(1.5 teaspoons) Baking powder
(40 grams/2 ounces) sugar or 2 tablespoon of other natural sweeteners(like Agave nectar or honey)
(2) large Organic eggs
(2 tablespoons) low fat or skimmed milk
1. Sift flour, salt and baking powder into bowl.
2. Add sugar and suet substitute.
3. Mix to a soft batter with beaten eggs,carrots and milk
4. Turn into a buttered 1 liter/ 2pint pudding basin and cover securely with buttered greaseproof paper or aluminum foil.
5. Steam steadily for 2.5 to 3 hours
6. Turn out onto warm plate, Serve with sweet sauce to taste such as custard, caramel or a sweetened fruit sauce.

Savory Mushroom pudding(using suet substitute)

This savory side of pudding was a totally new experience,I've only made sweet kinds before.The pastry is packed in chunky mushrooms and onions sauce and steamed to perfection in a ceramic bowl.The result is moist and flaky pastry,cutting down the middle,the oozing warm luscious sauce with hearty mushrooms is a real pleasing meal.

Recipe:Savory Mushroom pudding(using suet substitute)
Serves 3-4
For Pudding Crust
(100 grams/4 ounces) All-purpose flour
(150 grams/6 ounces) Whole wheat flour
(50 grams/2 ounces)suet substitute : Virgin pressed coconut oil
(a pinch) Salt and pepper
(210 milliliters/a little less than a cup) Water (or use skimmed milk)

For Mushroom Filling
6-8 medium button mushrooms,cleaned and quartered
1 medium onion,finely chopped
1 clove garlic,finely chopped
1 tablespoon all purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon spice mix of choice
2 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil


Prepare the filling
Saute onions in oil until lightly browned,add the garlic and spices,saute another 2-3 minutes.Stir in the flour and roast for a minute.Add 1 cup of water and stir well until the sauce is smooth,cook for 1-2 minutes.Turn off the heat and mix in the mushrooms.Set the filling aside.

Prepare Pudding Crust
1. Mix the flour and suet substitute together.
2. Season the flour mixture with salt and pepper.
3. Add the water, a tablespoonful at a time, as you mix the ingredients together. Make up the pastry to firm an elastic dough that leaves the bowl clean. The liquid amounts are only an estimate and most recipes just say water to mix.
4. Don’t over handle the pastry or it will be too hard.
5. Reserve a quarter for the lid and roll out the rest and line a well-greased bowl.
6. At this point add your filling.. a couple of options are give below but have fun and go wild!
7. Roll the final piece of pastry out into a circle big enough to cover the top of the basin, dampen the edges and put in position on the pudding, pinching the edges together to seal.
8.Pour in the prepared mushroom mixture,cover the top with another piece of dough,seal well and cover with a double sheet of foil or parchment paper – pleated in the center to allow room for expansion while cooking. Secure with string, and place it in a steamer over boiling water.
9. Steam for up 1 to 2 hours, you may need to add more boiling water halfway through or possibly more often.
10.When done.Let cool for few minutes before getting it out.Loosen with knife and carefully flip on to a slightly hallow serving dish.Serve warm with some salad greens on side.

Find more Daring Puddings at the Daring Baker's blog roll.

Thanks to Esther for the extra ordinary challenge.


ann low said…
Looks so good to eat, makes me drooling.
Jamie said…
I knew very little about steamed puddings.Looks fun to make and love the moist texture.
Unknown said…
Like the flavors very much and also that these are made with healthy fat.But the steaming sounds lot of work.I'm more of instant pudding person.
Sarah said…
The first one is so intensely carrots.Love it =)
Katie said…
Looks wonderful and I love the colour of the carrot and ginger pudding. The mushrooms looks gorgeous too - just my kind of food
Kiran said…
Very colorful and healthy desserts.
Unknown said…
Coconut oil for Suet? You are a real Healthut Missie.Great job on the challenge.
si said…
I'm not bunny crazy about carrots...but the pudding is something I gotta make.
Senthil said…
Carrot pudding is true feast for the eyes.I wish to taste some right now.
Emily Malloy said…
Oh that looks divine! Definitely making this soon :-)
Looks gorgeous both the sweet and savoury...

stephanie said… I wish I had the talent as the daring bakers.Bravo!
Suja Manoj said…
Lovely...what a beautiful color carrot and ginger it :)
Deeba PAB said…
WOW, am impressed that you went both sweet and savoury & did such a great job on both! Beautiful flavours!
Deeba PAB said…
WOW, am impressed that you went both sweet and savoury & did such a great job on both! Beautiful flavours!
Finla said…
I am a sweet person but after seeing the savoury one i think i will go for that one.
Meeta K. Wolff said…
oh this looks simply sensational! both versions are great!
Ann said…
Colorful and ultra yummy
Swathi said…

Your sweet and savory version is really yummy. I like both.
kristenly said…
your puddings turned out great! i love that you made them vegan. and your blog is fabulous! i'm definitely subscribing and hoping to participate in one of your health nut challenges in the future.
sayantani said…
was just checking other blogs with their DB challenge. you made both sweet and savory and I like the savory one more with all those creamy mushrooms oozing out from the center...really love it.
Meena said…
i just loooove the sweet have done such an awesome job.
Your sweet pudding is so original! A delicious treat! And that savory mushroom pudding must also taste heavenly!


Cool Lassi(e) said…
You are unbelievable. I so love all your recipes. For this I dunno what is going to be my favorite. Problem of plenty..Hey, what bowl did you use for steaming? I was always worried that if I use chinaware it was going to crack and I don't have an authentic pudding basin. This kind of pudding has been on my to-do list for a long long time and seeing ur recipe has given me the push to try..So do tell.
Maggie said…
They both look wonderful!! I used coconut oil as well and really liked the way it turned out. I'll be trying your mushroom version soon.
Yasmeen said…
Thank you all :D
Cool Lassie,mine was a thick ceramic bowl ,since we are slow steaming in this recipe,should work fine.If you look closely,the picture of the bowl I used can be seen in the steps of the recipe :D
Dori said…
A couple new ones for me... Looks delicious, I'd certainly love to try :)
Muneeba said…
I'm smitten with the carrot pudding! Having read Enif Blyton books when I was a kid ... was always curious abt British food ... now I finally know what this looks like! Of course, I have NO IDEA where I could find a suet substitute.
Yasmeen said…
Muneeba,the Virgin pressed coconut oil is sold in any well stocked super store.I bought mine from Walmart :D
vincent said…

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Anonymous said…
your carrot ginger version looks divine!!!
Hamaree Rasoi said…
Wonderful Looking Pudding with nice bits of carrots. Clicks look great.

Hamaree Rasoi
suvi said…
I have a huge sweet tooth and I've never made a savoury pud.
However, your savoury pudding looks so delicious that between the 2, for once, I am biased towards the savoury one! Looks very delectable.
Rachel said…
You did sweet and savoury...and coconut oil...healthy indeed
Mrs.Ahmed said…
Asalamwalikum Yasmeen,

It luks delicious n presentation is amazing...gr8 effort.
Myvegfare said…
wow, yasmeen looks great yaar!!, both look so lovely!!, I made the pudding without suet!!, thanks for esther, I loved the challenge...
Audax said…
That looks too good to eat what a fabulous colour and it looks so good it should be in a cookbook. And using coconut oil is superb. Cheers from Audax in Sydney Australia.
Chef Jeena said…
Two fantastic recipes Yasmeen. I can't pick which I like best because I know I could eat both up. Delicious and healthy too yum!
Nick said…
Beautiful colors. Your mushroom filling looks like the best thing ever.
Priya Suresh said…
Both puddings looks fantabulous...
baby cribs said…
I am drooling over the photo! It is like somebody is forcing me to cook today!
Raks said…
I love the carrot ginger Sponge too much! Looks sinful! beautiful colour !
limo hire said…
They both are looks fabulous..
Renata said…
I'll favorite your post... I really want o try coconut oil for this crust. I wasn't daring enough to try the suet. I love carrot-ginger cake, excellent idea for a pudding!
Renata said…
I'll favorite your post... I really want o try coconut oil for this crust. I wasn't daring enough to try the suet. I love carrot-ginger cake, excellent idea for a pudding!
Hari Chandana P said…
really wondeful job.. looks soooo delicious.. awesome!!
Gita Jaishankar said…
Both look so delicious and awesome Yasmeen...I am still looking at your sweet colorful and gorgeous :)
Cool Lassi(e) said…
Tx for the tip! I will go look for a thick ceramic basin and give this a try!
I love puddings but have never tried such a variety!!!
Hats off to you girl :)
Joanne said…
I love how you included both a sweet and savory pudding with the same key ingredient. Both have me drooling over here! The contents of the savory pudding spilling out makes for such a beautiful photo!
Thas said…
Totally in love with the carrot-ginger pudding. Mushroom pudding sound interesting too.
Both your puddings look good, especially the carrotty one. :)
Dershana said…
Just beautiful, yasmeen!! virgin pressed coconut oil is prized possession back home. Traditionally this was extracted at home to massage new borns so as to prevent any skin ailment.

i love the way that mushroom gravy oozes out in your picture!
the health is needed today to get the good life and here we are supplying you the best health tips.

CurryLeaf said…
Both the puddings look great.Incredible I must say.Never knew coconut oil can be used as a suet substitute
Unknown said…
A lovely blog you have.The steamed puddings are simply excellent.
Anonymous said…
A challenge well executed.
Simona said…
Very sensational,love both the puddings.
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