Genesis Today's -Happy Goji and Purple Perfection Shakes

The plethora of fruit juices in today's market is intriguing.Despite being aware of the super fruits that are latest buzz in the Health foods, it still is a bit of challenge to pick the right kind of super fruit juice ,one that's genuine and potent ,well, not anymore.My search for the perfect juices ends here with discovery of Genesis Today's range of super fruits juices-Acai,Goji and Resveratrol

What's so super about super fruits?
To say the least,these are super rich in nutrients,vitamins , minerals and antioxidants,that fight off the disease causing free radicals.

Crystal clear from the chart,Acai,Goji and Resveratrol have outstanding levels of antioxidants.

Genius at work,Dr.Lindsey Duncan,the founder and CEO of Genesis Today has been studying in the natural health products industry since 1983.He developed these healthful range of fruit juices using the best fruits on face of earth.Revered by celebrities , the Genesis today Super fruits juices are now accessible to common man at affordable prices ,in super stores like Walmart and Sam's club.

I was fortunate to be offered the samples of Genesis Today's Acai Berry,Goji Berry and Resveratrol juices.Here what my taste buds had to say :

Genesis Today's Acai Berry Juice
One sip and the sharp sweet berry flavor gets the taste buds tingling and the super rich antioxidants instantly give the energetic feel.Consistency is a bit like smoothie,but not as thick.

Benefits :The beauty berry from the Brazilian rain forest, is known to support healthy skin,hair and nails.Boost bodies energy levels.Helps control weight,soothe and calm the digestive system,stimulates the digestive organs to more eliminate efficiently waste from the body.

Genesis Today's Goji Berry Juice
Intensely orange,the juice has instant citrus punch,that relieves tension and gets you going with renewed energy.

Benefits :Hailing from China,the happy berry is known for mood uplifting,promoting healthy mind,memory and eye health.

Genesis Today's Resveratrol Juice
Tasted like a concentrated grape juice, totally rejuvenating.And for someone who does not drink alcohol,this juice with all the benefits of a wine without the alcohol, was truly beneficial.

Resveratrol is a naturally-occurring plant extract, in this case from the pulp and skin of grapes as well as Japanese Knotweed,known to support heart health,promotes youthful energy and appearance.Also known to support healthy inflammatory response of the body.

I was also suggested 2 super nutritious shake recipes to concoct with the juices.You seriously cannot get enough of these,would definitely want to make them every day ,with a hearty meal or to satisfy those in-between-the-meals cravings.
Goji Happy Shake

• 12 oz. Goji Berry Juice
• 12 oz. frozen strawberries
• 1 organic banana
• 5 ice cubes
• 1 oz shot liquid Genesis Today ™ Protein 100 (15 g)
• 1 scoop Genesis Today ™ 4Fiber
Place all items in blender and pulse using ice crusher. Blend until smooth and well combined.

Daily use of this shake will render amazing effects in five areas:
1) Mood enhancement
2) Eye health benefits
3) High ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity)
4) All essential and non essential proteins through bio-available delivery of the
Genesis Today ™ Protein 100 (liquid)
5) Less bloating, better digestion through Fiber completely absorbed by body

Purple Perfection Shake

• 6 oz. Acaí Berry Juice
• 6 oz Resveratrol Juice
• 1 organic banana(or 1 Plum)
• 5 ice cubes
• 1 oz shot liquid Genesis Today ™ Protein 100 (15 g)
• 1 scoop Genesis Today ™ 4Fiber
Place all items in blender and pulse using ice crusher. Blend until smooth and well combined.
Daily use of this shake will render amazing effects in five areas:
1) Improved energy
2) Improved mental/cognitive function
3) Improved hair, nails, and skin
4) Improved cardio health
5) Less bloating, better digestion through Fiber completely absorbed by body

Supreme Snack!
Besides the Super fruit juices,I was also sent a pack of Genesis Today's Dark chocolate Acai Pudding.

Decadence of chocolate combined with tart sweet berries makes this a luscious pudding.Chocolate contains theobromine, which triggers endorphins and serotonin to give you a euphoric, joyous feeling, plus many essential vitamins and minerals.And with 0 grams of fat and sweetened with pure sweet cane juice,the pudding is nothing less a guilt-free snack.

Learn more about Genesis Today's phenomenal products at the official website.Depending on how you feel,the product finder helps you find the right kind of super fruit juice. There are also money Saving Coupons,print them here.


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Wow! it's amazing that Goji is second antioxidant.
Recently i run across your website that has has been going through as well as. I Contacting the ones render offers firstly statement. We don't quite distinguish items claim apart from You will find were pleased with various. A legitimate fancy document at this juncture!
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