Electrolux #Splits :Dark Chocolate Velvet Banana Split

Ovarian Cancer Research Fund(OCRF) was founded with a very straightforward: to fund research to find a method of early detection and ultimately a cure for ovarian cancer. The Board of Directors and dedicated staff of OCRF work diligently to educate women about ovarian cancer.They believe through educating a woman about ovarian cancer can make a difference in the lives of thousands of women who may be at risk.Every new research grant brings one step closer to finding a breakthrough.

To help fund the most promising work that is being done in the area of ovarian cancer by OCRF, Foodbuzz helped Electrolux and Kelly Ripa raise money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund by sending two Foodbuzz Featured Publishers to New York and giving them an opportunity to make banana splits with their kids.

To further support the worthy cause ,Foodbuzz is sponsoring a posting challenge and Top 9 takeover! In a Top 9 Takeover, Foodbuzz asks all Featured Publishers to construct a post about their ultimate Banana Split, and then for one day only, all Top 9 posts reflect that theme!.And Foodbuzz will donate $50(Up to $5,000) for every Banana Splits post by a Featured Publisher before Friday, July 16th.

For my delicious take on the decadent banana dessert,I use home made velvety dark chocolate ice cream(that has 1/2 the fat of a heavy cream ice cream),the topping of rich chocolate fudge sauce has no cream either,the nutty almonds ,juicy cherries and a crunchy whole grain berry cereal - all make it a healthier dessert, so fun to make and even more delicious to eat.

Recipe :Low fat Dark Chocolate Velvet Ice Cream and Chocolate Fudge Sauce
Ice cream yields 2 cups
Makes 4 banana splits
4 Ripe bananas
For Dark Chocolate Velvet Ice Cream
2 cups reduced fat milk
1 cup unsweetened Coconut milk(preservative free,I use Thai Kitchen brand)
1/2 cup bitter sweet chocolate chips
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
3/4 cup brown sugar or 1/2 cup agave nectar
2 teaspoon unflavored gelatin or 1 teaspoon agar agar powder

For Chocolate Fudge Sauce
1/2 cup bitter sweet chocolate chips
2 tablespoon reduced fat milk

For toppings
1/2 cup raw almonds,few chopped rest kept whole
1/2 cup low fat whole grain berry cereal
few fresh cherries

Heat about 1/4 cup of water in a small saucepan,add the gelling agent(gelatine or agar-agar).Let simmer for for 4-5 minutes until completely dissolved,turn off the heat and stir in the sugar until completely dissolved.
Heat milk(both coconut and dairy milk) in another saucepan,turn off the heat and add the chocolate chips and the cocoa powder,whisk until mixture is smooth and glossy,stir in the sugar-gelatin mixture,blend in a food processor for a minute.Pour in freezer proof container and chill for 3-4 hours before churning in an ice cream maker as per the manufacturer's instruction.Serve the ice cream or store in freezer proof containers.
To make the fudge sauce
Just before assembling the banana split,combine the chocolate chips and the milk ,set in the microwave for 15 seconds,stir and return for another 15 seconds ,repeat until chocolate is completely melted and smooth.

To assemble the banana split,use either tall wine glasses or oval slightly deep plates.Sprinkle the cereal at the bottom of the serving dish,then place whole raw almonds,put halved bananas on the side,a scoop of ice cream between the bananas.Drizzle about a tablespoon of chocolate fudge sauce, some chopped nuts and cherries.And indulge!


Mimi said…
I love the dark chocolate banana split. It'll will be perfect with that tuna burger.
Unknown said…
How I love this richly chocolate banana split.I always enjoyed it as a kid but had to give it for its heavy fat calories.I like your lower fat split.
Sarah said…
A lovely banana dessert,like the dark dark chocolate =)
I think this post appears twice in the feed Yasmeen.
Yasmeen said…
Sarah,I'm sorry for the confusion,I accidentally published it twice.And there is no way I can delete the extra post from the feed.
Anonymous said…
A split above the rest...good one.
Jamie said…
A delicious dessert for a worthy cause.I love how the velvety chocolate enhances the sweet bananas.
Oh, I'd love to eat that now. It is so hot here...


Unknown said…
So the ice cream spree continues....why am I not satisfied...cause its really hot down south....could eat such cool treats for breakfast,lunch and dinner.
RV said…
Yummilicious dessert for a noble cause...I so wanted to participate in it.. But i know I can't make it before deadline.
Salsa Verde said…
Anonymous said…
My dear Yasmeen you're a genius...this recipe is tooooo much for my tired senses right now :D...if this would be in front of me at this moment I'd eat it like nothing and I'll be in heaven!!!And,I adore the recipe from the previous post...I absolutely have to prepare them both.
Thank you...also for the awareness about ovarian cancer.
Love <3!
Priya Suresh said…
Irresistible Split...very tempting..
Nitha said…
what a delicious banana split.. looks great..
Kiran said…
A very delicious chocolate banana split for a very noble cause.Nice pics.
Swathi said…

Banana split looks delicious. It is perfect for noble cause.
Unknown said…
Wow, that is such a delectable dessert. I can gulp it down all in one sitting :)
Suganya said…
That is so cool and mouthwatering. Nicer recipe. Perfect for these hot summer days.... YUM!
lisaiscooking said…
This is a great banana split! I love the mix of chocolate and banana flavors. Sounds fantastic.
Satya said…
nice dessert...never tried before n am sure it will taste superb

Joanne said…
This is one of the most decadent banana splits I've ever seen! And what a good cause!
Gina Stanley said…
That looks great! Thanks for supporting such a great cause!
Padhu Sankar said…
Sounds delicious!! I am drooling here
Joanne said…
This is one dangerous blog. I started with the Banana split and kept moving on down. Everything looks so tempting and I just ate breakfast.

The banana split posts are for such a great cause. I sincerely hope there is a heap of feed back from all us foodies.

Love your split! :)
shaz said…
Great banana split :) The chocolate looks so chocolatey
JennaCook said…
A spectacular split,lower in fat is always good.
SMSweet said…
Bananas and chocolate ice cream,what a delicious combination,I could lick the glass clean.
Anonymous said…
Mmmmmm. :) Thank you for commenting my blog!
Namitha said…
Wow..that's cool..got to try this sometimes soon :-)
"Guppy" Honaker said…
A delicious banana split and an opportunity to combat ovarian cancer too! Yasmeen, you rock! By the way, here in Phoenix I am growing my own banana plant (it's now about 11 feet high and looks like it will produce bananas this Autumn). I would love to share a picture of it and my aloe vera plants. Can I?

- David

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