Papaya Banana Silken Smoothie

Don't judge a fruit by its outward appearance,holds true with this warm and exotic tropical fruit with beauty skin deep.

I had tasted dried sweet papaya before but never bought a whole fruit home.The ripe papaya with hues of pretty peach color is deliciously sweet with soft buttery texture,ideal in smoothies,milk shakes and fruit salads.

The enzyme called papain present in papaya(concentrated in raw fruit) is used for making digestive dietary supplements.The richness in Vitamin C makes it a powerful antioxidant fruit,also used in range of beauty products.

The pearly black seeds with intense peppery punch,can be ground and used in salad dressings and sauce.Looks good as garnish on the silken smoothie,except that it was way too spicy for my taste buds, had to unpleasantly fish them out.

Recipe : Papaya Banana Silken smoothie

serves 3
1/2 a medium papaya ,peeled ,seeded and cubed
1 ripe banana
1/2 cup soy milk
2 tablespoon agave nectar

Blend all ingredients until smooth.Serve cold.

My passion for tantalizing tropical fruits continues with perfectly nourishing papayas.Share yours at Health Nut Challenge 7: Tropical Temptations.


Rachana said…
Wow! A perfect, delicious health drink. Looks great too!
shaikh said…
nice, but can we use milk instead of soy mik?
Unknown said…
wow, that looks beautiful and a wonderful presentation !!!
Looks great! Would make a lovely homemade ice cream too.
Priya Suresh said…
Fabulous looking smoothie,very tempting..
Parasram said…
I am impressed with your site. I love alkaline fruits. However, I do not like mixing fruits with anything, not even soy milk and especially not dairy milk.
Yasmeen said…
Thank you all.
Dairy milk will also be good.

milk can be skipped ,use any fruit juice instead.
Salsa Verde said…
Papaya is one of my favourite fruits and that smoothie looks very yummy!
Blogger said…
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