PFB #1 : Health Nut in a Shell.

Project Food blog hosted by Foodbuzz is a thrilling challenge inviting all bloggers to show the best of their culinary skills.Even though on vacation past month I was very keen on participating in the challenge.Today being the last day of submission of the first challenge and also my first day back home,amidst the jet lag hangover and the unpacking mess,can't believe I could make the post happen.

In a nut shell here is what Healthnut is about.

Mom of two darling little boys(one of them with a sensitive immunity and respiratory condition) and a husband determined to control weight,change in diet besides a good exercise routine was essential for us.The discovery of health foods ,what I called the nature's best foods made the incredible difference in my family's over all health.

My interest in cooking was not a reality before tying nuptial knots.With minimal hands-on experience in kitchen,making 3 different meals a day was a challenge in itself.My initial dishes were mostly my mom's Indian style recipes.But not until birth of the blog couple of years back did I think beyond curries,explored other delectable dishes around the world.From Mediterranean African to French to Asian to regional American, the blog highlights 100s of recipes with unique fusion of flavors made using wholesome ingredients,fresh fruits,vegetables,herbs and spices.

Health Nut blog is not just about Global cuisine but also aims at educating the essentials of healthy cooking,reveals the secrets of good food by introducing the Nature's best list,the classification of nature's best foods;the foods that nourish and replenish body's defenses,an essential factor to stay healthy.
* The Fabulous 4 ingredients - Ginger ,Garlic,Extra Virgin Olive oil and Turmeric
* Heart healthy lentils and legumes
* Healing herbs
* Spices
* And other Nature's best foods including Wild caught fish,nuts,fruits and vegetables.

The uniqueness of my global recipes is of its preparation using the nature's best foods.Any unhealthy fat is either minimized or substituted with better fats.For instance butter,not bad when used in minimal quantities as recommended by your dietitian but an ingredient like margarine loaded with trans fats is better eliminated entirely from the diet.And further extra virgin or canola is preferred over saturated fats.In my quest for better ingredients I learned about the goodness of virgin pressed coconut oil,a healthier substitute for saturated fats.

I love variety in food - meat,seafood,whole grains,fruits and vegetables are all part of my recipes.Surprisingly I also present many recipes that are fit for restricted diets such are vegan,low cholesterol,low sugar ,gluten-free, dairy free ,eggless and low fat.I amaze myself by healthy appetizing makeovers such as these...

Meatless Soy "meatballs"

Sugar free Beat Diabetes brownies

Dairy free Coconut milk ice creams

Low fat baked goodies.

Eggless Mango cake

And many more.

I promote organic foods ,preferably from local farms as much as possible,for better food value.Home gardening also interests me immensely,there is nothing as tasty as fresh veggies picked from your own garden.

I also had the chance to review some great health products and health cookbooks like the super nourishing Genesis Today fruits juices,Fat free Chobani Greek yogurt,Xagave ,Stoneyfield Okios,Progresso light,Fruit2day,Dairy-free Silk Soy and Almond milk.

My very own food event - Health Nut Challenge is open to other bloggers to submit there creative healthy recipes depending on the theme.

A member of the one of the most exciting baking club on the web,the Daring Bakers sure got my baking passion to the its height of excellence.

Finally the blog also kindled the passionate photographer in me.Participating in photography events like CLICK! and DMBLGIT changed my perspective of food photography.Its true ,we eat with out eyes first, and presenting food beautifully is so much more important for me.

While I plan to continue in my objective here to educate about eating healthy to live healthy through unique appetizing recipes and strive to improve the quality of good food,I request my viewers to show there support by voting for Health Nut as the next Food blog star.

Update Sept 22 : Thanks for all your support.But it appears my entry did not reach before deadline and was disqualified.


A great post! Your aim is noble.

Good luck!


Cool Lassi(e) said…
Dear, Lovely post.Enjoyed reading it. Mostly love all your recipes. You know me, am a big fan of your wholesome made-from-scratch dishes. Am I allowed to vote for more than one candidate?
Yasmeen said…
Thanks Rosa :)
CL,you could definitely pick more than one :)
maybelle's mom said…
nice PFB post; good summary of who you are.
Joanne said…
Gorgeous post! The food is so visually pleasing and I think it really sums up what you blog, why you blog, and why we adore you!
Ivy said…
Good luck Yasmin. I can see you reaching the end and you will have my vote !
Jeanne said…
Great job on the first challenge! All of your photos are beautiful and it's great to hear your motivation for blogging.
Priya Suresh said…
Great job Yas, beautiful post and will definitely vote for u..
harini-jaya said…
Great write up and good luck!
fuat gencal said…
Merhabalar,Hepsi birbirinde leziz ve güzel ellerinize sağlık.(Bugün bloglardan seçmelerde lezzet adasının saç kavurması tarifi yayınlandı.(
Sizinde her pazartesi yayınlamasını istediğiniz yemek tariflerinizi beklerim.

Thas said…
Great to know more about you, terrific post. Good luck with the contest.
Well... round about every blog posts online don't have much originality as I found on yours.. Just keep updating much useful information so that reader like me would come back over and over again.
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Ivy said…
Yasmeen, I can't find the widget on your blog to go and vote for you. Let me know if you add it.
House of Annie said…
You got our vote!

Come check out our PFB post:

Cheers and aloha.
Anonymous said…
Hi dear Yasmeen :),

it's been a while since I wrote,but I just wanted to say hi...
I ejoyed this post very much.I have always found your blog so inspiring and I've learned so much from you...the lesson that I've learned the most is to look for GOOD food and to go beyond traditions,and to look for alternatives.
I'd like to vote for you,but I don't know how.Please tell me :)!

Love and a huge thank you my dear!
Anonymous said…
Great post for the challenge! Good luck!
Cool Lassi(e) said…
Hey, where is that icon that says "Vote for me"? I see it in another blog that are participating. Am i sleepy or I don't see it? I just got mt foodbuzz a/c fixed and I wanna vote for plz point me in the right direction. tx.
healy said…
Enjoy reading it. . .love the pics color!:0 keep posted
Khaddy said…
your blog is wonderful, thanks for sharing all the healthy recipes
Anonymous said…
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Yasmeen said…
Thanks for all your support girls.But it appears my entry did not reach before deadline and was disqualified.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the blog info. I’d like to subscribe to your RSS. :)
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