Turmeric Face Nourishing Mask

Turmeric ,the golden spice has not just been used actively in Asian Cooking but also for skin care. Among all amazing benefits turmeric has antiseptic and anti oxidant properties. The key is to use organic good quality turmeric for best results.

This Turmeric Face Nourishing Mask with 3 Simple Ingredients rejuvenated skin. Can be used on entire body.

  1. Chick Pea Flour or Besan or Gram Flour sold in Asian Store is a neat skin cleanser
  2. Virgin coconut oil or Extra virgin Olive oil both act as great skin moisturizers
  3. Good quality Organic Turmeric clears blemishes ,heals acne and nourishes the skin.

Recipe is in the video. Make sure when applying the mask, to use gloves or brush or back of a spoon to prevent coloration of hands. And after wash off , the towel and sink can leave behind yellow stains , be sure to clean immediately with baking soda to prevent stains.


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