Talbinah - Heart warming and immune boosting Barley Pudding.

Barley is one those whole grains that is full of benefits including healing sickness, strengthening immunity ,relieving stomach discomfort ,softening bowl movement ,  fighting cancer and much more.
Talbinah is packed with goodness of 3 Super Foods - Barley,Dates and Honey. With pudding like consistency, this is traditionally prepare using barley flour. But one can also use whole barley ,the cooking process is longer in this case ,after the barley is cooked through ,one can further grind it coarsely for more smoother pudding. Or simply devour it without grinding it with bites of barley.
Talbinah is a relaxation for the heart of the sick person and it removes some of the sorrow”.’ [Bukhari 479/9, Book of Food, Chapter of Talbinah]