Healthy Ramadan Series : Salmon Shawarma with Tahini sauce

Ramadan 2017 is only about a month away, are you Ramadan Ready and Ramadan Strong?! 
Healthy Ramadan Series will be highlighting several tips and recipes to stay healthy and fit through the Ramadan, spend less time in cooking and also make right food choices to keep the energy during the long fasting hours , which will all help in remaining focused on the real spirit of Ramadan - breaking bad habits , worship ,unity and sharing the good.

One common complaint during Ramadan is constipation and gas. Be sure to eat whole grains in your meals during Ramadan and also a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits.
The first recipe is the Healthy Ramadan Series is Salmon Shawarma made with wholesome and nutritious ingredients, great for dinner after breaking the fast(iftar).

Watch the Wholesome Recipe in the Video