How To Increase HDL Cholesterol | Foods That Increase Good Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a type of fat in your blood that helps in building new cells , insulating nerves and producing hormones. HDL good cholesterol has to be maintained at high level to prevent heart disease. Here are the food that naturally help in increasing the HDL levels.


Elissa Williams said…
Sustain healthy cholesterol can be very hard for some people, particularly those with a genetic propensity for high blood cholesterol levels. The 100 percent natural treatment in Cholesterol Support, combined with diet plans & exercise, can help you to maintain appropriate, normal cholesterol.
Those affect by cholesterol levels issues should know that your junk food can be bad effect for high-cholesterol level in the body. Hence, before indulging any types of foods, it is important to identify your foods and how it affects you.
Tisa Smith said…
Exercise is the best way to increase good cholesterol and decrease bad cholesterol. Also go for extra virgin olive oil, stop smoking, use omega 3 fatty acid. As i am vegan i go for flax seed for omega 3. Diet and little life style change can help you in increase HDL
Anonymous said…

Nice information shared here about good cholesterol. There are many healthy foods option that helps to decrease bad cholesterol. Beside this Exercise is the best option that helps a lot.

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Anonymous said…
Nice post. Really very much informative .. HDL cholesterol, or "good" cholesterol helps to lower the risk of heart disease. There is much healthy food that controls the leveles of cholesterol such as Beans, legumes, Whole grains, High-fiber fruit, Fatty fish, Flax, Nuts, Chia seeds and many more. Beside this Regular exercise and ketogenic diet also helps a lot. Also, stop smoking and alcohol consumption.

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