Water Melon ginger Ale

An excellent drink for digestion and hydrating your body after fasting. Reciped was originally prepared by Nupur then tried by Nidhi. I loved the idea of having ginger in a fruit and couldn't wait to try it for Ramadan. The proportion of ginger can be adjusted more or less as per your spice tolerance.

Ingredients Needed
1/4 of a water melon(use grapes when melons are not in season)
1 teaspoon fresh grated ginger
1 cup water

Boil water and add ginger. Let simmer for 10 minutes then strain in a bowl. let cool.

Chop and Process the melon until smooth. Strain in a pitcher and mix in the ginger infused water. Chill and serve.

Learn ginger facts.


Anjum said…
its so refreshing n cooling.,my husband loves watermelons thanks for posting the recipe
Anonymous said…
Refreshing drink!
rizruby said…
hey yasmeen
i am very glad to see this recipe for w/m drink.
i was really looking for it and now i undersstand ginger is imp ing.

can u let me know ratio of boiled ginger water and w/m blended to be used.
Yasmeen said…
thanks rizruby,
I just use a teaspoon of fresh ginger for quarter of a large melon.Could add more or less depending on your taste :D
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